First Look: ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’ Gets A Sneak Peek Trailer


So. That Ryan Lochte reality show that we’ve all been waiting for is finally coming to E! and today we finally get our first look at the series. Based on this sneak peek, it looks like the show will primarily consist of Ryan Lochte’s abs and Ryan Lochte saying ‘Jeah!’ If you’re into either or both of those things, peep the video for more!


  • Sabrina

    I am really excited for this. Maybe because I swam in high school & college, or maybe because it looks like Ryan’s shirt will be off most of the show. :)

  • Anna

    He looks real smart in this trailer. Formula for fantastic reality TV right there!

    • @Anna — I fully intend to watch this show religiously … with the sound turned off.

    • JM

      “sound turned off” … BEST IDEA EVER. more abs. less talking.

  • Halli

    I just can’t…Ryan Lochte calendar, yes…tv show…not so much.

  • peanut

    That looks amazing.