Prince Harry Chills With Some Kids In South Africa


Last week we saw photos of eligible bachelor Prince Harry of Wales enjoying some romantic time on the ski slopes with his reported girlfriend Cressida Bonas. Today we get to see Harry in a completely different environment far from the snowy Switzerland. The young prince has made his way to Lesotho, South Africa on a charity visit on behalf of his organization Sentebele. As you can see below, the kids at the Kananelo Centre for the Deaf enjoying having Prince Harry in their midst because they got to learn with him, cook with him and dance with him. Fun!

Prince Harry has always said that Africa is one of the few places in the world he can ‘truly be himself’. And he certainly proved that today as he took to his knees and danced on the grass with South African children. The Prince demonstrated he had a remarkably good sense of rhythm – much more so than his father – as he shimmied in time to the traditional whoops and wails of the youngsters. The third in line to the throne was a natural with the children he met today at the Kananelo Centre for the Deaf in Lesotho, which is supported by his charity, Sentebale. His morning’s work included a lesson in sign language, cooking up a batch of doughnuts – and proving something of a storm on the dancefloor. After a brief introduction to the school and its work, it was back to the classroom for Harry who was never a natural scholar and was definitely in ‘mufty’ for the day, wearing low-slung jeans, scuffed desert boots and a white cotton shirt. ‘Now I am going to be a student for the day?’ He asked. ‘I can tell you I’m going to remember none of this.’ The prince joined an English class, who has written warm words of welcome on their blackboard – including ‘we love you Prince Harry’. He was taught a series of phrases in sign language by 14-year-old Nandos Chabalalan including the words for family, father, mother, brother, sister and baby. The prince also managed to sign ‘my name is Harry’ and wiped his brow theatrically as he managed to pull it off. His companion, Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, with whom he co-founded Sentebale, had him in stitches as he asked the children to teach the red-headed royal the word for ginger. The pair proved to be quite the comedy act as Harry quickly retorted; ‘What about the word for bald!’ Still the 28-year-old was nothing less than game as he played along with the giggling children, showing his genuine affinity with the youngsters as he helped to pluck sobbing Limpho Nekoana, whose named means gift, out of the class when he became distressed and giving him a comforting cuddle.

Oh my gahhh! Prince Harry playing with deaf children … I mean … are you kidding me right now? One day Harry is off saving the world as a military man in Afghanistan, then he’s being a romantic Lothario on the Swiss slopes, then he’s playing with deaf children in Africa … it’s all a bit too much. Could he be anymore attractive?! I think it’s safe to say that Prince Harry is my fave royal so I really dig seeing him in all his various incarnations. The Plays Well with Kids Harry has to be my fave tho. I mean, right? Is this not the cutest thing ever?


  • nicole

    Harry is just amazing. i totally want to hang out with him. he just seems so chill.

  • Stephan

    Not to be THAT guy… but really now. Lesotho is a country all on its own, it’s not part of South Africa. It just happens to be surrounded by SA.

  • swile71

    Mmmm. Please clone him and send one my way.