New Dad Nick Lachey Releases An Album Of Lullabies For Fisher-Price


98 Degrees boybander Nick Lachey became a first-time father back in September when his wife Vanessa Minnillo gave birth to the couple’s first child Camden John. We got our first look at the adorable little dude back in October but today we get a much better look at what Cam looks like as he is featured on the cover of a new album of lullabies released by his daddy. Nick has teamed up with toy company Fisher-Price to release an album titled A Father’s Lullaby that features 12 classic lullabies performed by Nick. Click below to see the cover and learn more.

He’s just five months old, but little Camden Lachey is already getting a taste of fame. The adorable blue-eyed boy appears on the cover of Nick Lachey new musical offering – an album of lullabies. The 39-year-old singer, who is married to TV personality Vanessa Lachey, tenderly cradles his first child in the touching portrait. Camden, who was born in September, looks just like his dad with piercing blue eyes and shock of dark hair. Nick’s new album, A Father’s Lullaby, will be released in a few weeks. It features 12 songs, including classics like You Are My Sunshine and Brahms Lullaby. The album also features four original tracks that Lachey co-wrote, inspired by his own baby. A Father’s Lullaby will be available on iTunes and Amazon on March 13. It will be in stores in April. Lachey will release a new album, 2.0, in May with his group, 98 Degrees.

OMG, how cute is this little dude?! Those eyes? Wow! I have to say, tho, while it’s totally cute and stuff that Nick wanted to release an album of lullabies, I don’t really associate the guy with a particularly impressive singing ability. I mean, he’s fine as a member of 98 Degrees (I guess) but I don’t recall any of his solo material doing much to impress me (or many others). Still, I have no doubt that Nick jumped at the chance to record this album in honor of his baby son … which is just adorable enough to make me melt. If you have kiddies and you would like to lull them to sleep, I guess this album is meant for you. If anyone happens to give this album a try, please let us all know if it’s worth checking out.


  • JeniLeeSK8

    I love his voice. I liked Jeff’s better but Nick’s voice is very soothing. I’m sure this will be a cute album!

  • AwesomeMargie

    He did have that nice single after his divorce. I thought it was nice. This is too cute. Becoming a parent really changes your outlook on life.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Holy. Cow. That is one cute baby!! His smile is killing me in the best way!

  • Whit

    Whoa, those eyes! This is definitely cute of Nick to do.

  • Jenn

    That baby and Lorenzo are the cutest freaking things ever!

    • Jenn

      Camden, I didn’t know the little boys name. lol

  • nicole

    Nick definitely has a voice to sing lullabies. but that baby, or lord, freakin adorable.

  • janaegal

    I mean, those blue eyes HAVE to be photoshopped right? There is no way that a baby can be that cute, i just can’t handle it!

  • Krissy

    I love his son’s expression! He looks so hopeful and excited! Precious.

  • Megan

    For some reason this made me think of that new movie The Host and now it’s freaking me out every time I look at the picture lol. That is one cute baby though

  • Jessica Leigh

    I am NOT generous with baby compliments, but I must make an exception because that baby is absolutely gorgeous. Wow!!

  • Jbo

    HOLY Bananas – that’s one gorgeous baby!!! Those eyes and hair!

  • Dezden

    I wanttt… the album… but I don’t have a baby.

    I also want Nick Lachey but I guess he, Vanessa, and this cute baby should stay as one happy family.