Bump In The Night


Yesterday was a very chill day for me … so chill that I stayed in my pajamas/sweats all day, all afternoon, all night long … and it was glorious. I spend the afternoon reading before I settled down to watch a couple of movies. I’ve wanted to see Sinister since it was in theaters last year so I finally got around to it. Then I watched the new documentary film Sound City and, OMG, was I completely blown away. Both movies were entertaining in their own way and provided me with both sweet dreams … and nightmares.

Sinister is one of those horror films where the scares come from tension, things jumping out at you and loud noises … and damnit, does it work. I watched the movie all by myself and literally jumped out of my seat with every noise I happened to hear both in the building and/or outside my open window. Sinister may not be the best horror film ever but it was sufficient to scare the crap out of me last night so … mission: accomplished.

I’ve heard so many great things about Sound City that I just couldn’t wait to see it any longer. Folks, if it is possible to feel love … like, actual affection … for a movie then that is what I felt for this documentary. Sound City is a doc directed by Dave Grohl that tells the amazing story of a recording studio here in SoCal where some of the greatest albums of our time were recorded. If you are a music fan, you must see this film. Man. I’m not kidding. This is a movie that I plan to see again and again … and I will deffo be seeing it soon in an actual movie theater so that I can experience it the way it was meant to be seen. I loved it so much. I know it’s early, but Sound City may very well be the best movie of 2013 for me.

Last thing, that cool piece of art pictured above was created by street artist Col. Wallnuts who is based in NYC (see more of his work HERE). As soon as I laid eyes on this piece, I knew I had to have it. Street Art pieces really speak to me and this one was deffo calling my name. I’m happy to have it hanging in my home now. I really wish all y’all could come over to my place and just hang out for a bit … I got some cool stuff to show off :)

Tonight, I’m hitting the road for San Diego where I will be seeing MORRISSEY in concert. Damn, at last … the man is well enough to perform again so away I go. I’m also seeing Moz at the Staples Center on Friday night and then at Hollywood High School on Saturday night where he will be playing an intimately tiny show. I’M SO EXCITED! I was so bummed when he had to cancel that Michigan show I was hoping to see last month but this weekend should MORE than make up for that delay. Happy Hump Day!!

  • janaegal

    We were JUST talking about Sound City at dinner last night! It’s on our agenda to watch it tonight! Sounds amazing.

    have an amazing time in San Diego!

  • Dezden

    Party at Trent’s place!!!