Beyoncé Shares A Photo Of Herself . . . In A Shower!


Beyoncé, Ms. Baddie Bey herself on Instagram, has slowed down her global onslaught a bit in the past week or so after inundating us with a seemingly non-stop avalanche of promo materials surrounding her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show and then her HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream. After giving us a few days to catch our breath, she started posting new images on her official website … including a photo of Bey in the shower! But, lest you think B is attempting to get a bit too sexy on ‘em with this latest photo, fear not. Click below to see the full size image of a fully dressed Beyoncé giving the smoochie face in a pretty swanky shower.

Beyonce has invited fans into her shower, but don’t get into a lather just yet – she’s fully clothed. The Grammy winning singer turned her bathroom into a photo shoot location and posted the result on her tumblr page. She is seen posing in her expensively tiled shower, wearing a casual outfit and virtually no make-up. The 31-year-old entertainer is seen leaning back in the luxurious enclosure covered in golden travertine tiles, pouting her lips while fully clothed in a stylish ensemble. Beyonce’s outfit features a colourful paisley print blouse and tight black leggings along with a pair of very bright neon blue and yellow trainers. It’s a good thing she’s wearing slip-resistant shoes as things can get mighty wet in a shower.

LOL! The copy quoted here is so bad … hahaha. But still, I don’t know why I love this photo so. Bey likes to share, overshare in many instances, and even tho it may annoy others, I love it so much. Beyoncé was all, I want the world to see my kickass shower … and voila! We get to see a photo of her kickass shower. It’d be nice if she was as share-happy when it comes to showing off her adorable baby girl Blue Ivy (but at least we do get to see peeks and glimpses of the little miss from time to time) but for some reason, I can’t get enough of Bey sharing all of this kind of stuff … just like any of us do on our various social networks (do not lie, you do it too). Today we see Beyoncé in the shower, I wonder where we’ll see her next.


  • The Pink Blogger

    Cool Pic!

  • Jbo

    I’m over-beyonce-d