Wolverine Reveals Himself As A Hairy, Hot Gay Superhero In ‘X-Treme X-Men #9′


Last week we learned that Batwoman proposed to her comic book girlfriend in Batwoman #17 and today we’ve got some new gay comic book news to share. Wolverine, one of the most famous and most beloved members of Marvel Comics’s X-Men series is revealed as a gay mutant superhero in X-Treme X-Men #9. Now, before y’all get excited about the prospect of hot man-on-man action between Wolvie and his same sex lover, I should clarify that this version of the character is featured in an alternate universe storyline … so this gay version of Wolverine is just a one-off. BUT STILL … I think comic book fans will welcome a muscly, hairy and gay Wolverine any way they can get him. Click below to see this version of Wolverine in all his hot gay glory.

Comic books are just the best these days for us gays. Northstar got married over the summer, the new Green Lantern is gay, Batwoman just proposed to her girlfriend and now, perhaps best of all, Wolverine is engaging in some man love. In the latest issue of Marvel’s X-Treme X-Men #9, Wolverine gets a new, muscular lover in demigod Hercules, one who urges him to wear more leather. Because that is what boyfriends do! Sadly, this Wolverine is from an alternate universe (as is that other Green Lantern, it’s kinda hard for us mere mortals here to understand), so don’t expect to see Hugh Jackman getting it on with a dude any time soon. Of course, we can always dream…

Yeah, this is hot. And I have to say, bravo to all the comic book companies that are doing whatever they can to raise GLBT visibility in the medium … irregardless of whether or not they may be doing so for shock value (that will likely result in higher sales). I, for one, don’t care why there is an increasing number of gay characters in comic books … I’m just glad that it’s happening at all. I know that a LOT of fanfic about Wolverine over the years has imagined him as a hairy little bear-type gay hero (I mean, hello, just look at him) and now, that fantasy has become alternate universe reality. I love the X-Men franchise even if I don’t actively collect the comics (mainly because there are far too many different X-Men comics to handle) but this is an issue I’ll deffo be picking up.