Prince Jackson Scores A Guest-Starring Role On ‘90210’


Last week we learned that 16-year old Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, the first born child of the late Michael Jackson, secured a job as an entertainment reporter for Entertainment Tonight and today we learn that he has new employment to add to his already growing resumé. The little Prince nabbed a guest-starring role on the CW series 90210. Jackson will NOT be playing himself on the show, instead he’ll be playing the role of a young trauma victim … or something like that. Click below to learn more.

Prince Michael Jackson is making his acting debut. The eldest child of the late pop star Michael Jackson will appear in the season finale of The CW’s 90210, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. Jackson will play Cooper, a trauma victim who bonds with Silver (Jessica Stroup) over the realization — at a very young age — how precious life is. He is filming his guest spot this week … Jackson, repped by Ja-Tail Enterprises, is the latest guest star to drop by 90210 this season. Other notable names have included Carly Rae Jepsen, Ryan Lochte, Nelly Furtado, Carmen Electra, Ne-Yo, Denise Richards, Taio Cruz, Joey McIntyre and Terrell Owens. 90210 airs at 9 p.m. Mondays on The CW.

Judging all of the guest stars that 90210 has enjoyed, I’d say that the series has become The Love Boat of the new millenium. It’s clear that MJ’s kids will be allowed to do any and everything they would like to do. I can’t think of a single instance where someone would say no to them … I mean, who says no to Michael Jackson’s children? Entertainment reporter, actor … this is just the beginning … I just know it. I still watch 90210 so I’ll deffo be on the look out for PJ’s guest spot. I’m not sure what Michael Jackson thinks of all of this from the great Neverland Ranch in the sky but it seems to me that his kids prolly don’t care.

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  • Krissy

    Surprise, surprise! “Ja-Tail Enterprises” (who is repping Prince) was founded by LaToya Jackson. Exploiting their own family time and again.

    • rOXy

      HA! I read that as “Ja-Fail Enterprises”.

  • Isabelle

    16 years old, just has his name to hold on to.
    I’m already tired of him.

    • Joyce

      Prince seems to be a very smart young man, and many young people work part time at his age. I hope he does well.

    • @Joyce — Yes, many young people work first jobs as newspaper carriers, mowing lawns, maybe working behind the counter at a drug store … this isn’t exactly the same.

  • Dana J

    I don’t think it’s Toya’s doing, more like he wants to be out there and doing something other than sitting around living off his father’s money. though I would have waited till I was 21 to do stuff so the family can’t collect of his earnings. those vultures are merciless.

    • Krissy

      I am sure the idea to get out there is all his own, but if La Toya REALLY wanted to help him, she wouldn’t put her own company in charge of getting him work. She would leave that to real professionals in the industry who have connections to people who create the type of work he wants to do. Her company is not legit representation.

  • Mabel

    I don’t know why..but I look at him on E or trying whatever else in the entertainment industry, and all I can think is….this is very awkward.

  • Ashley Jenkins

    Trent, normally I really enjoy your posts, but you saying that the children didn’t care what Michael wanted was a bit low, in my opinion. Michael said many times, in his book Moonwalk BEFORE he was a dad and to Barbara Walters AFTER he was a dad that if his children wanted to get into the business, he would support them. He said he would lay it all out for them, tell them about the consequences, and then he’d tell them to do it better than he did.

    Before he died, he hired UCLA staff to work with the kids on moviemaking. He did improv with Paris because he knew she wanted to be an actress. Sounds to me like he was preparing them.

    Michael wanted them to have privacy and a childhood, and he did the best he could. Then he died, and now the kids are getting older and starting to venture into the business. He was preparing them…he certainly wouldn’t be against it.

    • @Ashley Jenkins — I see where you’re coming from and I don’t mean to sound shitty but, IMHO, based on my years of following MJ as a parent (based on his words, actions, etc.) it’s my opinion that he probably would not want to see his children as entertainment reporters, etc. I don’t particularly think it’s “low” to say that kids don’t care what their parents think because I think 99.9% of kids don’t really give a crap what their parents want for them, they have their own wants and desires and they only really focus on the pleasure principal. That’s why being a parent is difficult. Parents can’t always be friends to their kids, they have to say no sometimes. IMHO, MJ would’ve said no to this kind of behavior. Of course, we can’t ever know for sure but, as always, I’m just voicing my opinion.

    • Ashley Jenkins

      I see where you’re coming from, Trent. I just go by what Michael himself said and by what the children have said of their father. And Prince (Paris, too) is constantly referencing learning from his father and having been raised right. I think Prince, especially, cares a great deal of for what his father through. Perhaps he’s trying to make his dad proud. Who knows what things Michael said to Prince and what he told his children when encouraging them and preparing them for the future. They seem like 3 pretty great kids who have had the unfortunate circumstance of losing their father and being influenced by adults who seem to be more about money and fame than anything else. Still, I think they’ve turned out to be pretty normal kids.

    • @Ashley Jenkins — “being influenced by adults who seem to be more about money and fame than anything else”

      I completely agree and therein lies the concern for me. The fact that La Toya’s company is repping Prince’s acting gigs is very worrisome but … well, the Jackson’s are in control of the kids now so …

    • Ashley Jenkins

      Trent, I worry about that, too! I think that Prince genuinely wants to break into the biz, but La Toya’s involvement has me worried. She’s been rather buddy-buddy with the children since Michael’s passing, and she has said some rather hurtful, cruel things about their dad in the past. I don’t think her interest in helping Prince is selfless at all. She has a reality showing coming out soon on Oprah’s network, and it seems anymore that at the events the children attend, La Toya is always right there.

      I think it’s great if the kids want to break into the biz, but I do not think that the encouragement is coming from a place of caring at all.

      Furthermore, when Paris spoke about wanting to act, “sources” and Janet said it was a bad idea to do it so soon, they were against it, etc. Why isn’t this happening now that Prince has been on ET and is going to be on 90210? Where is the “he’s too young, wait ’til he’s 18, yadda yadda?”

    • rOXy

      @Ashley Jenkins – you may be correct in that MJ would have supported and given his approval for his children to venture into the “business”, although I don’t think he would have wanted it so early. He might have pushed the idea going to college first instead of just allowing them to jump in totally unprepared. Say what you will about MJ, but he was known for being meticulously calculating and probably would have guided their careers to ensure they had the foundational education needed so they wouldn’t have rely on the stars aligning just so. I am quite certain he was well aware of all of their strengths and he probably had a pretty good idea of what each of them are best at and whether or not any of them had the chops to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. I feel MJ would have been more protective of them because he was too familiar of the pitfalls of the limelight. Paris seems to have a very level head on her, whereas Prince seems more easily influenced and may fall prey to the “lifestyle”. In that family, exploitation is normal, but I think MJ would have protected them from that, and as it is now, there is no one to shield them. I am in total agreement with Trent.

    • Ashley Jenkins

      I don’t think he would have wanted it very early either. He wanted them to have a childhood first and foremost…and to be protected. But Prince is 16 now. I mean…he’s getting his high school education and he said he wants to go to film school. Education was important to Michael, too. I don’t think the kids are going to drop out of school and just pursue acting. Prince seems to want to work for it.

    • rOXy

      16 is too young. Still a baby. Way too vulnerable.

  • Vicky

    As long as he’s not drinking/doing drugs…

  • Mustbe heard

    Prince looks just like his father the doctor Arnie Klien!