Kanye West Promises A New Release In ‘A Couple Of Months’


Yesterday we learned that Kanye West used his concert stop in London, England to rant about a various array of topics, from Timberlake to The Grammys, that he’s not into these days. Today we learn that Kanye used his Paris, France concert stop to some some exciting news for his fans. According to Kanye himself, he will be releasing some “new shit” in “a couple of months” … which likely means we can look forward to the release of a new album cuz I don’t think he was talking about his forthcoming baby.

‘Ye told the crowd in Paris that his “new shit” will be ready in a “couple months,” which we hope is a reference to a new solo album and not his new child. (Though congrats again, Kimye!) Also, here is a list of people that Kanye identifies with, according to his latest “Clique” interlude: Picasso, Michelangelo, Basquiat, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs.

Kanye has been touring on his most recent album for what seems like ages now so it’s about time he starts focusing on the release of a new album. With a baby on the way, I’m guessing he’ll use the opportunity to hit the world with a double whammy of releases in the coming months. I’m guessing that Kanye is very excited for what’s to come … and, honestly, I’m quite curious to see how becoming a father will effect both his music and his music stardom. New Kanye shit on the way, take note.


  • nicole

    finally. MBDTF was an amazing, but its time for something new. Kanye may be many things, but the man knows how to make a good album.