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It’s been a long time since I’ve been to NYC. I think the last time I was there was for one of the 8 weddings I attended last year. While I am no longer in a position to jet off to NYC as often as I like anymore, I still love the city and its inhabitants very much. Tamar, Ollie and I are planning a visit in late April so that we can each, individually, take care of some biz in the city so … my trip has been booked! I have a lot of friends that I need to see desperately and, of course, a few shows/concerts to attend. I can’t wait!

How to Destroy Angels is playing a few shows here in California and I’m hoping to attend those shows but I also want to see the band live in NYC. In addition, there are a few Broadway plays I want to see (like Alan Cummings’s one-man performance of MacBeth) and a new immersive theater experience called Then She Fell (which is similar to the Sleep No More experience except this new show centers on the writings of Lewis Carroll … which is set in an abandoned hospital). But, ahead of all of this fun stuff, I need to see some friends … my life has changed completely since last I was in NYC and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my peeps on the East Coast to catch up. The trip is about 2 months away still but … I’m really looking forward to it. If any of y’all have suggestions for really cool stuff to do while I’m in NYC, please let me know.

Last night, I met up with Tamar for our second guided meditation class. We had a different teacher this time and the class was comprised of more attendees but it was just as fruitful for me as the first class was. Tam and I shared a delicious dinner at Rambutan afterward, which is one of my fave restaurants … and one I haven’t been to in years, unfortunately. Last night’s delish meal reminded me why I love that place so much.

No plans for today. I have a road trip to San Diego tomorrow night to rest up for so I’m gonna chill out and veg today. I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!

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  • Jstar

    Trent can you please tell us more about the guided mediation? Have you noticed feeling differently after attending the class?

    • @Jstar — Sure. The classes that I am taking are group oriented in that individuals convene to meditate together in the same room even tho we don’t interact with anyone other than ourselves when we are meditating. The leader/teacher occasionally guides us as to what to focus on with our mind. For example, the exercise last night was to focus on a challenging person in our lives. We were to think of a person and then send them kind and loving thoughts, as best we can, in an attempt to neutralize the negative feelings that we may have toward them. It may sound easier to just stay home, sit in a chair (or on the floor) and attempt to do this but it’s much more difficult than you may think. The mind very quickly wants to wander and soon you’ve got grocery lists, email responses, etc. running thru your head. The goal of guided meditation is to have someone help keep you focused on your goal as you meditate. I like the group setting because even tho we don’t interact during meditation (there’s no hand holding, for example … nor do we chant, it’s a very quiet experience), you can feel a positive energy from a group of people focused on positive thoughts all in the same vicinity. After our long meditation (30 mins), we talk a bit about the experience … then we ask questions, share insights. It’s really a very relaxing, very uplifting experience. Some attendees have been meditating for years and like coming back for the group setting, others (like myself) are newbies who want to learn meditative techniques.

      I, personally, feel so much more relaxed and grounded after the sessions. It feels like a nice way to “reboot” the brain so that I can clear away all the stuff that is usually running thru my head and just focus on one, positive thing. I feel refreshed afterward and I’ve thus far found new insight into myself as well, it’s a really nice feeling.

    • Jstar

      That sounds wonderful! That is how I feel about group exercise…I am so very happy you found something that makes you feel good. Such an inspiration!!

  • Dezden

    Mannn!! I wish I hear about Then She Fell before now! I want to go. I went to Sleep No More last summer (because of your posts about it)… loved it so much. Considering going again when I’m back in NYC in a few weeks, but my plans are all dependent on some basketball games (I planned my trip around the BIG EAST men’s basketball tournament…), but I have a few free nights before.. I guess I need to figure that out!! I went alone and would be going along again, which is fine, but I wish I had friends to talk to this awesome stuff about. Haha. Oh well. I want good suggestions too (I visit at least a few times a year but am always looking for new things to do.), so I’ll be stalking this post!

    • Dezden


  • T7147

    Trent, went to Sleep No More and have to go again! I’m also seeing Alan Cumming do Macbeth – maybe he’ll do another night or two at SNM? Need to save up some $ to see Then She Fell. I also found this which looks interesting, but haven’t tried it myself – yet.
    Speakeasy Dollhouse http://speakeasydollhouse.blogspot.com/