Andrew Garfield Spotted In Costume As Spider-Man In NYC


It seems like just yesterday that the reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man was playing in theaters and here we are, in a new year with a new sequel in the works. It would appear that principal production of the follow-up to Amazing is already underway in NYC because star Andrew Garfield was spotted on the streets of NYC in his famed Spider-Man costume. It’s clear from the photos below that attempts were made to keep this news under wraps but, alas, the cat is out of the bag. Click below to see incognito Andrew in costume as everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero.

GAH, I love this. Andrew tried to be sneaky but … no dice. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man so I’m looking forward to the sequel. It remains to be seen if producers are going to continue to try and keep this early shooting a secret or if they’re just going to let it all hang out now that we know. They can’t hide Spider-Man from us forever! Bwahahahahahahaha!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • marissa

    They filmed at my fave Chinese restaurant, Nom Wah Parlor, yesterday (or today?). The owner let the cat out of the bag on FB ;-) Would have been fun to see!

  • Jax Medina

    They’re suppose to be in Chinatown on Friday I think. I passed by the set on Monday in Hells Kitchen b/c it was right by my job. I didn’t see Andrew since they were filming in a alley, blocked from view pretty much. :)