Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Hilariously Explains Her Big Fall At The Oscars


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Jennifer Lawrence saves all. I nearly died for and with her last night when she fell on the steps on her way to accepting the Academy Award for Best Actress. I’m sorry, but the whole thing was kind of awesome, lol. And in typical J-Law fashion, she made it even awesomer. “You guys are just standing up ’cause you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarrassing but thank you,” she said when she finally got to the podium, Oscar in hand. But Miss Dior also addressed the issue in the press room after she won. You can tell the reporters were sooo trying to make this a bigger issue than it really was, and I loved hearing Jennifer’s response. Peep the video for more!


  • Samantha

    I love her! She is awesome!

  • Lauri

    She handled her fall SO well, if it were me I would’ve probably just sat there and made them bring the Oscar to me.

    She showed some great restraint by not staying on the ground as Hugh Jackman ran up to help as well….(I’m pretty sure that was him).

    • Shannon

      Lauri, ‘I would’ve probably just sat there and made them bring the Oscar to me.’ LOL! I KNOW right? This is where that J-Law sense of humor really came in handy.

    • nicole

      if that was me, i would have stayed down just for Hugh Jackman to help me up.

    • Lauri

      Exactly. :)

  • Christie

    When I saw Jennifer fall last night I was so upset because I KNEW that everyone would be talking about her big “fall” instead of the fact that she just won her first OSCAR, but clearly I needn’t have worried because girlfriend answered all of those questions so perfectly and hilariously at the same time. The more I see of this girl the more I love her!

    PS, I think you’re awesome, Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Christie, thank YOU!

  • Meghan

    Love her. She is hilarious and only JLaw could have dealt with an embarrassing fall so well.

  • cmc

    Oh man, I just died with her description of getting ready for the Oscars. “Um…I took a shower?”

    • @cmc — I really hope J. Law keeps it real like this from here on out. Her genuine normalcy is so freaking cool.

    • Shannon

      cmc, I loved that too. In a way, she’s kind of poking fun at the silliness of these kind of questions, and the whole idea of celebrities as ‘other.’ She’s awesome.

    • rOXy

      Agree, Shannon. She turned the tables on the interviewers in a hugely professional way. All of the ridiculousness and snobbery of celebrity was put on blast by homegirl. It’s a talent, I’d say, for her to handle herself so well in the glare.

  • Krissy

    I think there was something just so striking and beautiful seeing her elegant back and shoulders in that dress on the stairs. It is a gorgeous image. You can almost see the moment where she is trying not to fall…and then her shoulders and head just collapse as she accepts that she has fallen. I am so jealous of JLaw’s ability to look so fabulous even during the worst of times! ;)

    • Shannon

      Krissy, I LOVE that pic too :)

  • kendra

    I once twisted my ankle while stretching in the middle of my office and went down like a brick..I have a feeling I didn’t look half as elegant as she did when she fell..She’s so awesome, but even more so for laughing it off, but still having a touching speech..She’s the best..The EXACT opposite of Anne Hathaway, Shannon! ;)

  • Jennifer Wilson

    on the red carpet someone asked her to talk about the ‘pieces’ she was wearing. she said ‘this is the top, this is the bottom’. this girl rules

  • Karen

    omg. That video is amazing. I can’t believe how unselfconscious she is. How has she managed to keep herself from becoming “precious”? Such a contrast with Anne Hathaway, but also most stars. (Not Meryl Streep though!) I hope Jennifer can stay as real as she is right now, because it’s awesome.

    And, yeah, she actually looked beautiful falling. Such a gorgeous image of her on the stairs, which is so weird.

    • @Karen — “Such a contrast with Anne Hathaway”

      And therein lies her charm.

  • Joan

    For some strange reason, I foresaw her fall. (I got superpowers!) She looked completely dazed after she hugged Bradley Cooper. Haha! I’m not implying there’s a correlation between the two, but well… But, she’s so freaking genuine and so in touch with her inner dork, that there’s no way she cannot be endearing. I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously! She’s wonderful and I love her so. So happy for her big win!

    Now, Shannon, look for that clip where she meets Jack Nicholson backstage because IT IS PURE J-LAW GOLD!

    • Joan

      Oh, I just saw an adorable/hilarious video of Jennifer’s family basically jumping on her to celebrate the win. There’s so many great moments from her from last night. I can’t keep up with the greatness!

  • Steph

    What jerk asked “are you worried you’ve peaked too soon?” Who asks that type of question, there is no good answer!

    She handled herself with grace, charm and wit. I can get one of the three on a good day.

  • ClaireMichelle

    She is my queen.

    Everyone should take time out of their days to just watch interviews with her because she is interview gold. I am so glad people are noticing her and falling in love with her!

    • rOXy

      Yes! She is no where near her peak! She has only just begun! Lucky us!

  • Jill

    I want to be friends with her!

    Watched this interview >5 times already, because it’s hilarious: