The After-Party Fashion For The 2013 Oscars Was Pretty Sweet

Amanda Seyfried Keeps Winning!

Earlier today we got to check out some of the amazing red carpet fashion that went down at last night’s Academy Awards. If you haven’t checked out the post– be warned– there is a lot of intense discussion about Anne Hathaway‘s nipples. LMAO. Anyway, the after-parties were full of flyness, so I wanted to share some of those looks as well. Elizabeth Banks was fab in Alexander McQueen, Selena Gomez stunned in an Atelier Versace gown, Miranda Kerr rocked Valentino, and Amanda Seyfried had one of my fave looks– this red Givenchy gown that PITNBr ClaireMichelle might like. Peep the gallery for more! Oh, and our girl J-Law changed out of her unforgettable Dior Haute Couture and into this crazy, sexy, Calvin Klein getup. You likey?

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  1. Jennifer’s CK dress is working her bootay like it’s its business! Love it. Absolutely gorgeous on her (and it goes perfectly with the statue.) I didn’t see it the gallery, but I also kind of liked (with solid “love” potential) Lily Collins’ violet dress. Once again, I’m not in love with Anne’s choice. Getting blanket vibe off it, but well, no pointy nipples in sight. #progress LOL!

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    She’s definitely got a secret.

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    Girl Who Owns the World.

    • Selena has been doing some great things with fashion recently…but she needs to relax her shoulders. Once I noticed this habit of hers, I see it in a lot of her red carpet pictures. It is like she is worried that she will have a malfunction if she relaxes them!

      It creates a much more beautiful neck line when a person lifts their head, but pushes their shoulders down. Selena’s are almost at her ears. The dress is gorgeous though, and it really flatters her figure.

  4. Yesss, Shannon! More fashion! :) You are right, I do love that red on Amanda! I prefer it over the muted dress she wore to the actual show. And JLaw really switched to a party dress, huh? I love it! She could literally wear anything, though. Perfect. Selena looks absolutely amazing. And everyone just looks really great for the after parties!! Ahhh.

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    J-Law is so lucky she wasn’t wearing that dress when she took her tumble up the stairs…with the girls so prominent and poorly secured, she could have given herself a black eye!

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    Man..I hate to say it, because I LOVE her and Will Arnett together, but that separation has done wonders for Amy Poehler..She’s always been super cute, but she’s just glowing lately!

  7. My favorite after party dress was Lily Collins HANDS DOWN. She was wearing Zuhair Murad Couture. Navy and amazing!

  8. Amanda Seyfried KILLED it this awards season. Her dresses were consistently some of my favorites and her hair/makeup always looked good.

    PS. Is it just me or did Hilary Swank’s dress look a lot like the fabulous Ms. Field’s?

  9. Lauren xx

    I love how Miranda Kerr shows up to an Oscar party to remind everyone that she basically OWNS IT. It’s not just mere mortals, I bet she makes actors want to throw in the towel too.

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