Oscar Night Done Right


Yesterday was a pretty nice day here in LA. As you may know, there was a big party happening in town so you could feel the electric energy in the air all weekend long. I don’t live too far from the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Blvd. so even tho I wasn’t actually part of the Oscar festivities, it’s hard not to feel included by sheer proximity. I relaxed a bit all afternoon and then made my way over to Steph and Alek’s place for an Oscar Night Dinner Party. Steph prepared an amazing feast of food for us to enjoy was we watched (and complained about) the Academy Awards … it was truly the best way to enjoy Oscar night.

Steph prepared the food, Alek the drinks and I provided the happy stomach. We made the Oscars fun even tho the show wasn’t all that great … that being said, it was far from the worst Oscars in recent memory so it was a win for me, I think. After the Oscars, we watched The Walking Dead … and then, right around the time I was ready to take my tired ass home, Steph got me hooked on a stupid iPad video game that kept us playing until almost 2AM! It was fun, haha.

Today, I’m doing laundry all afternoon then I’m meeting up with Tamar for a guided meditation class tonight. Happy Monday, Happy New Week!!

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  • Nikkij

    I love the hat! Where can I get one?