Leonardo DiCaprio May Not Be Taking That ‘Long Break’ From Acting, After All


A little while back we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio was planning to take a ‘long, long break’ from acting. The actor spoke out in an interview about being completely drained after his last few projects, and said that he hoped to spend some of his free time working on environmental change. I was bummed by the news (having seen his brilliant performance in Django Unchained shortly before the story came out), but I’m also all for people taking time to themselves. Anyhoo, it looks like the break might not be so long after all, as he’s already being eyed for a new project. Click inside to learn more!

Complex has the story:

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s “long, long break” from acting may not be so long after all. According toDeadlineWarner Bros. has just acquired the rights to Michael Armour’s upcoming novel The Road Home, and has enlisted Crazy Heart helmer Scott Cooper to write, direct, and produce with the production company DiCaprio shares with Jennifer Davisson KilloranAppian Way.

Apparently the project is being eyed as a “potential starring vehicle” for DiCaprio.

The book is set during the Great Depression, and follows the story of a man named Creek who is living on the coast of Central California and suffering from post-traumatic stress due to World War I. He eventually finds himself in the middle of a huge scandal when he begins investigating the murder of a local man.

Nothing has been confirmed regarding DiCaprio starring in the film, but either way it does look like his name will be attached to the project in some form.

So, ‘a man named Creek who is living on the coast of Central California and suffering from post-traumatic stress due to World War I’? Yeah, I could see Leo being pretty spectacular with this one. Plus, he’s due for that Oscar! Maybe this will be THE role, lol.

Either way, the project sounds interesting and I’m excited to hear more. And if Leo’s company is producing, then that’s a good sign as well.

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  • VV

    Someone needs to proof-read their title. Leonardo diCaprio’s what?

    • Shannon

      VV, I’m late to my own editing party! Thank you– I’d changed the title at the last minute and didn’t fully read it through :)

  • Lauri

    He HAS to get an Oscar. Maybe he’s ‘long break’ will be for real if/WHEN that happens.

    I think the whole ‘being in love with him since 1998′ thing is making me feel stronger about this than I should…

  • Kim-E

    Good catch, VV. Hey Shannon how attached are you to the apostrophe s in the title? One of my least favorite things about blogging are the little errors and one of the best things about reading them is catching them.

    • @Kim-E — “One of my least favorite things about blogging are …”

      should be is not are, no?


  • ClaireMichelle

    Poor Leo. I was feeling for him last night!


  • nicole

    im still shocked Leo hasnt won an Oscar yet.

  • janaegal

    Will someone just give Leo an Oscar already? I mean, seriously. It’s starting to feel weird that I feel SORRY for a rich handsome man.