Justin Bieber Goes Shopping In A Gas Mask

You Know ... Just 'Cuz

Seemingly tired of being recognized and hounded everywhere he goes, young tween popstar Justin Bieber decided to venture out on a little ingocnito shopping excursion in London today. In an attempt to hide his face, The Biebs thought it would be a wise idea to wear a full-on gas mask to avoid detection. If you can believe it, JB‘s attempt to shop unnoticed failed miserably as everyone in his general surroundings wondered Who the f*ck is the toolbag walking around in a gas mask? Click below to see the photos.

I, uh, don’t know what to say, exactly, about this … look. Justin is in town to play some shows and, well, he managed to sneak into town and cause a commotion. I suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised by this kind of behavior, kids looking for attention tend to act out as much as possible so that they feel better about themselves. I’m pretty certain that in about 15.6 seconds, Bieber stans will be uploaded photos of themselves wearing gas masks on Facebook and/or Instagram. Is this a hot new fashion trend … or, another example of Justin Bieber acting like an ass?

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  1. There are no words…

  2. yup, just keep being that attention whore..

  3. Gillian

    Seriously? He needs a good smack upside his head! Can someone in his circle PLEASE tell him to knock off the nonsense? Ps: Does he own an actual shirt? Something NOT from the white-trash-wife-beater-mustard-stain-line? Perhaps he should invest in that instead of a gas-mask. Just sayin’

  4. Yeah. Cuz you know wearing a gas mask out in public is theee number one way of going unnoticed.


    • His cries for attention are getting really loud now, right? I am REALLY not a fan of the kid, but I am kind of worried that you are right about him being “unhinged”. It seems like he is escalating towards something…

    • We always seem to agree, Krissy. The boy is careening out of control, and if people who aren’t fans are worried, then I’m thinking those close to him should be able to see it and try to do something to help before something unfortunate occurs.

  5. Halli

    Isn’t it time for him to go away?

  6. Maybe he wants to do the Harlem Shake? lol

  7. Of course. That’s not weird….Tool….

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