Watch: Kanye West Is NOT A Fan Of Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z, Hates On The Grammys And More


It’s been a hot minute since Kanye West has gone on a public rant to complain about things/people he doesn’t like … so he was due. In concert last night in London, Kanye was inspired to speak his mind to fans who came out to see her perform at the Hammersmith Apollo theater. On his rant list this time was Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z (he is not down with their new collaboration), President Obama (he doesn’t care for what the president has to say about anything), the Grammy Awards (who can “suck his dick”, he says) and more. Click below to watch video of Kanye being Kanye.

t’s that time again for another rant brought to us by Kanye West. The father-to-be hit the stage in London last night and unsurprisingly the man took a moment to just go all the way off! The Graduation rapper performed his verse to the hit single “Clique” for the excited crowd, and ended the song by going on another one of his infamous rants. Last time Yeezy hit the stage, we found out that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was pregnant, but this time he was a little more angry as we found out what he really thinks about Jay-Z collaborating with Justin Timberlake for his latest single “Suit & Tie”. He told the crowd:

“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t fucking with that Suit & Tie”

He also shared his thoughts on President Obama:

“I don’t give a fuck what the president got to say”

It seems as Kanye’s point was to stress how money hungry the music business can be. Ye’ mocked how the game works when it comes to business,sponsers and making money he says:

“Can I sell your drink for you, please? So you can help me put on a better show, please, corporations? Can you please support me, please? Me, Kanye West? I swear I’m a nice n—a now. I swear I’ll put the pink Polo back on.”

Lastly, he talked about his harsh opinion on the Grammy’s:

Remind me again the grammys can suck my dick. I’ve never won a Grammy against a white person”

I mean … as far as Kanye rants go, this one was pretty tame. It’s unclear if Jay-Z’s new love for JT means that Kanye is jealous but it kinda sounds that way, doesn’t it? It’s clear that Kanye really loves to hear himself talk so I say let him. He never fails to disappoint when he goes off the rails like this. Is it wrong that I can’t wait for him to do it again?


  • Jenn

    I think he’s the one with the raging pregnancy hormones…..

    • @Jenn — LOL

    • Dezden

      I love this.

  • Dana J

    Kanye Kanye Kanye.. first of all you need to address that hippo you escort around that is carrying your child. it’s gaining weight and may soon topple over from exhaustion of carrying that much around the hips section. Then once you calm down and stop feeding the hippo or put it down or whatever needs to be done go talk to Jay’z and see if he DOESN”T SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF YOU FOR BEING A DUMBASS. that’s all.

  • nicole

    me thinks someone is a little jealous of Jay-Z’s new BFF…

  • Shannon

    I friggen love Kanye. And he’s not wrong about the Grammys– he’s only won for rap categories and one R&B category. That surprises me… and then again, it doesn’t. And while I def think he’s a little jealous of JT, the JT/Jay-Z mash-up seems more business-motivated than anything. I’m not mad at it, but I’m glad someone said it! Leave it to Yeezy :)

    • James

      He’s also not wrong about Suit and Tie. Terrible song. I also wonder if he was referring Justin about the commercialization of music? From the Tom Ford partnership to becoming “Creative Director” of Bud Lite (What the hell does that even mean? And Bud Lite, really? REALLY?), Justin seems to be PRETTY into making money right now. If only he was so interested in making good music… Just saying. We’ve heard four of ten songs from his new album, and I’m still not impressed.

    • nicole

      @James – wait…four songs? i’ve missed two. what were the other two songs?

    • Anna

      I thought the same thing when I listened to the rant. I think JT was just an example of pop culture/music and how it’s not about art anymore its about money.

    • Krissy

      Was it ever really not about money? If it was just about the music for Kanye, he could have played local coffee shops for his entire life.

      The music industry used to be based on money made from album sales, single sales, tour and merch, and publishing that was made by the writer when the song was played in public. Now, those avenues (except tour/merch) are closing down. Apple takes like 50% of most artist’s publishing off the top, leaving the remaining 50% to be divided among artist (if they wrote the song)/producer(s)/ and possibly management. That sometimes leaves something like 9 cents per song for the artist…and that is if people actually BUY the song instead of streaming it or getting it from a friend.

  • Monicaaa

    Team Kanye. He’s crazy but he tends to speak the truth IMO. Also anyone who hates on JT is all right in my book – can’t stand him. Am truly amazed that Jay Z would even deign to talk to him much less go on tour with him.

    At least Kanye tries to be original and seems to genuinely love music. I like that he wears his heart on his sleeve too.

  • Whit

    By now, everyone knows I love Justin. And being from Chicago, I have some love for Kanye but I think this is just a case of being an opportunist with the tour being recently announced, being a bit jealous, and we know Kanye loves his alcohol, are we sure he wasn’t drunk?

  • LiQue

    when he goes on a rant about how his girlfriend who is still pretty much married to another guy while pregnant with his baby and how he is selling himself on reality television, we’ll talk.

    • Krissy

      Yeah, it seems odd coming from someone who is dating a person who will sell ANYTHING.

  • Kayla

    Yo Justin, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Me and Hov had one of the best tours of ALL TIME. Of ALL TIME!

    • Kayla

      I didn’t actually watch the video but I’m just gonna assume that’s what he said.

  • Kiki1976

    I think he’s just mad at life in general because he’s only 5’8″.

  • Anna

    Okay I know he is a little on the crazy side but I also feel there is a lot of truth to what he is saying.

    I don’t even really think he has anything personal against JT I think its pop culture/music in general and he was just using Justin to make a point about how people in this industry are money hungry.

    No one cares about making art anymore “artists” just care about making money.

    While Kanye has made a lot of money I also think he is a true artist. I think he is very passionate about his craft and thats why he’s an insane person.

    I think people should listen to the whole rant not the “stab” at JT.

  • swile71

    Typical Kanye. He keeps his big mouth shut for a while then figures it’s time to shake things up and starts talking trash. Jay-z considers this guy a friend? Yikes!

  • Alecia

    My problem with Kanye is that when he does something commercial- say his tennis shoe line or his fashion line- it’s about art but when someone else does something- they’re a money hungry opportunist.
    I have no problems with artists doing advertisements and expanding their business- as long as their music is good. Now even those who are considered indie or cool artists like P!nk and Janelle Monae are working with CoverGirl but no one said they were selling out.
    Fact of the matter is it’s not 2000 anymore where people can sell 1 million records in a week, go on tour, and keep going. Even the biggest artists have to rethink how they promote themselves.
    And he really needs to leave Beyonce’ and Tay Tay alone because they obvs moved on a long time ago.

    • Krissy

      ” Even the biggest artists have to rethink how they promote themselves.”

      This is so true…most artist should have management that reminds them that the next generation is growing up in a world where they don’t buy music. They stream it, steal it, etc. If you want to make money as a musician, you have to sell tickets, merch, and now it is increasingly important to sell other things as well.

      You are so right about Kanye being a hypocrit. He seems like a giant 14 year old boy to me. Sometimes his immaturity allows him to take musical risks that no one else would and it pays off. Other times, that same immaturity just makes him look like an azz.

  • Megan

    Umm…scue me. What he saying about my man?

  • Ben@pr

    He talks about racism in the Grammys but yet he belittles the awesomeness that is Mr Barack Obama and what he represents in terms of HISTORY for Black people and minorities. Really? If you don’t give an eff for Mr. Obama the majority of the planet don’t give an eff about you and Kris Humphrey’s wife.

  • Danna

    Corporations are money hungry? How about his baby mamma and her family!?