‘Oh, Beyonce,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


So this week was filled with awesomeness and madness and more madness. Beyoncé continued her takeover with the premiere of her HBO documentary, which was awesome… mainly because we saw more Blue Ivy in 5 minutes, than we’ve seen in the whole year of her life. Nice! Kelly Clarkson wrote the illest open letter ever, and Jermaine Jackson successfully changed his name. To Jermaine Jacksun. Like I said, it’s been a week of total madness! Click inside for just a handful of comments that made all the madness so much fun!

PITNBr Megan successfully captured my favorite/least favorite part of Beyoncé‘s HBO documentary:

Oh, Beyonce. A 2 minute slow shot through a field up to a tree while talking about giving life to Blue and then the shot comes back down and the field is covered in blue flowers? Ahahaha. But ya know, if making this fulfilled something for her then more power to her.

PITNBr Amanda had me rollllin’ with this one. There were so many moments during Life Is But A Dream when I felt like I could not listen to Beyoncé‘s voice for another second, and now I know why:

She sounds exactly like my Aunt Trudy after a few rounds of that good stuff. Satdown, Bey!

PITNBr Alecia joined us in celebrating the birth of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s first baby… and the fact that they picked a pretty sweet baby name for little Sebastian:

I don’t know much about these two but I give them full credit for using a fully normal baby name.

PITNBr blaqfury is not impressed (like most of us) with Jermaine Jacksun (not to be confused with Jermaine Jackson):

Well let me speak for the .3ish percent of the population with the surname Jackson… Good Riddance! You will not be missed. (and ps, we’re not taking you back once you catch up with the rest of the world and realize that this was stupid)

PITNBr randomdreamer01 weighed in on some other Jackson family drama (because there’s always other Jackson family drama); Prince Michael Jackson’s first gig as a reporter for Entertainment Tonight: 

This is all Latoya’s doing!!!! ahhhhhhh!! : (

PITNBr BriK, Congratulations!!! Many of you commented and shared personal stories when Trent wrote about his first time in a meditation class, and PITNBr Brik did too:

Running got me through an awful time in my life (break-up and general “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE! feelings”) – it also got me a super hot bod. I’m getting married this spring :)

PITNBr janaegal was nominated by PITNBr HeatherLea1340 for this one. Lots of you were pleased with Kelly Clarkson’s open letter about Clive Davis, but janaegal wants the whole world to know who’s team she’s on, lol:

Team Kelly. Team Kelly so hard, i’m making myself a damn tshirt!

PITNBr Sara Goudrault is, like many of you, not looking forward to the Michael Bay/Megan Fox Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick:

When I read this, I had a TMNT shirt on. After reading this, I took it off and wept. I then felt dirty so I took a shower and wept some more. Megan Fox is just a slightly more attractive Kristen Stewart.
Someone stop this man. Stop him. Stop this madness.

PITNBr Shannon m. commented on what was, probably, the most important topic of the week: my new purse (pictured with some pretty adorable kids I know). LMAO:

The bag is one thing.. but that adorable curly hair is another. Can we make the hair into a bag? Is that creepy? I’m just really goin’ for cute here.

Thanks to every single one of y’all for another awesome week! I have to go get Oscar-ready! Because I’m watching the Oscars in my living room! And for that, I need to get Oscar-ready!

  • Dezden

    LOVING janaegal’s Kelly comment. :)

    • Shannon

      Dezden, I KNOW right? I’mma need that t-shirt too.

    • janaegal

      Well, be still my cold, evil little heart! This is my new favorite claim to fame and that’s saying something since one time, I made friends with a DJ at a club in hollywood and I proceeded to sit in his booth and read a book while my friends made fun of me and posted pictures to Myspace. yes, MySpace.

  • Amanda

    AHHH! Another shoutout? That’s it, this is my claim to fame. Imma tell everyone they find me amusing at PITNB the next time people ask why I think I’m special.

    In all seriousness though, this blog has the funniest, most awesome readers. Their comments legit have me howling left and right my computer screen sometimes, and in deep, dangerous thought at others.

    Thanks for the shoutout, Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Amanda, you are famous now and so I expect you to act accordingly… lol.

      And shouts-out to my girl, Aunt Trudy :)

  • Shannon m.

    Can I add this shoutout to my resume? hahah
    …Seriously though.

    • Shannon

      Shannon m., of course you can. In that same section where people can talk about, like, their weekly zine publications and stuff :)

    • Dezden

      ZINES! Hahahahahaha…

  • pufinstuf

    Are people trying to get shout outs about their comments about getting a shout out about their comments? I need to take an aspirin and lie down.

    • Shannon

      pufinstuf, BWAHAHAHA. OMG. Stop. But yes– endless shouts-out make the world go ’round ;)

  • ClaireMichelle

    blaqfury’s comment had me rolling! I can’t believe I missed it earlier! Thanks for these weekly posts, Shannon!! The. Best.

  • Megan

    I’m featured in the title! I’m officially cool now