Morrissey Reveals Himself To Be A Giddy Fanboy Of Kirk Douglas


It goes without saying that Morrissey enjoys a very large, very loyal army of fans the world over but did you know that Morrissey is a fanboy himself? While he recuperates from a bleeding ulcer that forced him to cancel/postpone a string of concert dates in the past few weeks, Moz has been taking it easy here in LA. On one of his public excursions, he came upon Kirk Douglas … and he immediately freaked out. Morrissey blogged about his chance encounter with Douglas and it’s just too cute not to share. Wanna read how excited Moz got over running into one of his idols? Click below.

Excuse my happiness. Yesterday I decided to take a stroll and I found myself walking alongside Kirk Douglas. It generally takes me 4 seconds to feel disturbingly ridiculous, but yesterday I broke my own record. Overcome by an indescribably modest humility, I suddenly felt like the fat half of a pair of bow-legged twins. I froze, my eyes welled-up, my feet sank into imaginary mud. Only Kirk Douglas could reduce me to such an irrational fear of breathing, but here it was. It was one of those very silly moments where we act on the second instinct whilst ignoring the first instinct, and of course, the second instinct always warns us to “do nothing.” Too incurably demented to tap his shoulder and pledge eternal thanks and servitude, I stood and I watched as my hero walked away.

I am not alone in knowing how constantly robbed Kirk Douglas was of that voodoo doll known as the ‘Oscar’. Yes, he was given obligatory recognition once the best years of his career had wound down, but his magnetic force and colossal onscreen assurance in Two weeks in another town, Lonely are the brave and The bad and the beautiful still stand as the best screen acting yet produced, in years when the Oscars, as usual, were awarded instead to the blandly servile. If you haven’t yet seen the above three films then your life is nothing. In his prime, Kirk Douglas was far too sexually disagreeable, and represented the soul of the world far too accurately. It was a self-realization that cannot be manufactured – or even found for a second time, because its poetry is built on a very particular time and space – one that doesn’t return. In fact, Kirk Douglas sometimes didn’t act at all – he simply observed and played with those around him (the hardest trick of all.) If male desire is tension, then Kirk Douglas had this more than any other screen star – yes, King Kong included.

Last night I went to bed exhausted. But I couldn’t sleep.

Los Angeles
22 February 2013

This is just too adorable. How many people have encountered Morrissey out and about and have experienced this same thing when faced with their idol? I guess I never really think about what it must be like for celebs to be fans of other celebs. Can you imagine what Morrissey would do if James Dean was still alive and he happened to run into him? His head would explode. I know it’s difficult for many people to identify with maudlin Morrissey but this blog post should go a long way in humanizing him.

Incidentally, I understand that Morrissey is ready to get back to performing this week … he’s due to play a show in San Diego on Wednesday and then in LA on Friday. I have tickets to both performances so, knock on wood, I’ll finally get to see the man in concert this year. Keep those fingers crossed, y’all, I’m not sure my frail little heart can take another heartbreaking concert cancellation.