Yes, We Are Still Going To Talk About ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite,’ Thursday’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Y’all. Please forgive me. Every Friday night we join together to re-live and re-lurve the recent episode of Scandal, but this Friday (yesterday) I fell ill and wound up in the ER for most of the night. Total bummer, totally not fun, and totally thought about all of you the entire time. No, seriously. I was lit’rally getting my blood drawn and I couldn’t even feel the prick of the needle; all I could think was ‘My readers… are going to effing… kill me.’ LMAO! So I humbly beg for your forgiveness! And since I’m still not at 100% I offer up a very mini-recap of Thursday’s episode, just so we can keep up the conversation (and get some ish off our chests, lol). Click inside for more!

Okay, so if I had written an official recap, here are some of the things we absolute would have had to discuss:

1. How The President Of The United States Is A Motherf—– Stalker

O-to the-M-G! What is wrong with the President?! I mean, I don’t think any of us thought he was the one behind peeping Jake, right? That ish was craaaayyyy. And I cannot believe he lied all over the place, talking about how this was not a ‘personal’ operation, it was all about business with Olivia. OMG. Please. He’s so obsessed with her, and it’s just getting scarier over time. I love it!

2. How Huck’s B.O. Is On A Whole ‘Nother Level

This whole storyline was just too funny, right? I mean, Huck’s stankin’ to high heaven all throughout the episode; nobody has the balls to address it, and finally they stick Quinn on the job, ’cause it’s all about #HuckleberryQuinn (shouts-out to PITNBr Carl) for 2013, lmao! But I loved how, in the end, we were reminded of the fact that Huck was tortured… like, for real, for real. And Quinn was totally there for him, so I’m thinking these two are getting really close.

3. The Fact That Political Families Are Cray-Cray

The Caldwell plot was really cool, right? I love how Olivia stressed to the brother running for office that he’d be better off coming out as gay, than coming out as ‘single.’ LMAO, yo. Single people really gets NO love! So they set up the fake marriage thing, which worked, even thought it was later revealed that he was getting it on and poppin’ with his brother’s wife the whole time. Drah-ma! Very good storyline, I thought. Especially because we could see how finding out about the affair affected Liv; she wants eeeeveryone to know that affairs don’t work, because. Yeah. That totally stops people from having them. Totally.

4. How Cyrus Is That Dude… Again

OMG, Mellie got plaayyyyyyed! I loved this! I loved it. As drama continued to pop off with the hostages in the Middle East, Cyrus convinced Mellie to do what she lurves to do which is to go off and do some ish that she has no business doing, without telling Fitz. She has conversations with family members of the hostages, but she has NO idea that Cyrus is having her phone calls recorded. So grimey! And sooo fair, after all that Mellie’s been doing to Cyrus. Interestingly enough, this situation kinda made Fitz look like a pawn between the two of them. You saw how quickly he put his trust back into Cyrus, after Mellie disappointed him? I love Fitz, but he’s a very weak, very human President (and lover) at times.

5. The Amount Of Ish That’s Gonna Pop Off If The President Finds Out Jake Is Mackin’ On Olivia

Yo. This cannot be good! Did you SEE that goofy grin on Olivia’s face at the Caldwell fundrasier? Yeah, no we need this one screen shot, lol:

Fitz diiiiiiieeeeeeedddddd. It was awesome! He seriously, really wants her to wait for him, like, every time he dumps her, lmao! No no, Fitz. That’s not how this is going down. And the fact that Jake made that bold move and started fully, totally, hitting on Liv, and then lied to the President when he asked who Olivia’s new boo was– oh man. I think he’s got some balls on him… or he really, really likes Olivia. Either way, I’m expecting a helluva lotta drama with this storyline and I hope it keeps up for a while.

P.S. I’m not gonna front, Jake is kind of adorable. Those Henderson/Harrison jokes got me, lol.


Again, this was just a mini recap. We’ll be back in Scandalville for real, for reals next week! And I’m hoping we learn more about this Albatross madness. Maaadnessss!

  • Carl

    First, thanks for the shout out! Team #HuckleberryQuinn all the way! And I’m still sending the good vibes to you in hopes for a speedy recovery!

    Second, we have no new Scandal for 4 weeks! 4 loooong torturous weeks! I believe it will be back March 21.

    Third, this episode was just incredible. As usual. I had completely forgotten about Huck’s torture (though I have no idea how I could have forgotten that.) and I just kept thinking why the HUCK is he not showering?! It was just so gross to me. And then the rain came down as a painful reminder to both him and us about what had happened. And of course, his moment with Quinn was def. one of the standouts of the week.

    I actually saw the affair with the brother’s wife coming a mile away, it just seemed too cut and dry to have it be a gay issue. I loved Olivia’s speech to him, because it was just as much to herself as it was to him.

    Cyrus vs. Mellie has the potential to get REEEEAAALLLY ugly. And I can only hope that it does! They’re both deliciously devious and to see them going up against one another is pure gold.

    I want to know how Jake even knows Fitz…are they old friends? Relatives? Was something mentioned and I missed it because I was so focused on Fitz’s hotness despite his lack of eyebrows? Either way, if he finds out that Jake actually wants him some Liv, things are going to get ugly. Bring it on!

    I don’t know how I’m going to cope without my Thursdays in Shondaland for the next 4 weeks (I also watch Grey’s….as I say constantly, Shonda is a genius!)…is there some sort of pill I can take to help with the withdrawal? I’m already going insane!!

    • Shannon

      Carl, thanks for your thoughts and for the tweet last night! I’d actually written a longer response that didn’t show up, but anyway– I second blaqfury. The Prez and Jake were old Navy buddies.

      Here’s hoping we all make it through these next few weeks; I had NO idea ‘Scandal’ was taking a break. Madness!!!

    • Carl

      Oh they were Navy pals? I’ll have to watch for a third time and pay close attention. Hope you’re feeling better today! (Or tomorrow, whenever you read this!)

      And how hot was that promo that aired during the Oscars???

    • blaqfury

      “I want to know how Jake even knows Fitz…are they old friends?” I think they hinted that they were in the Navy together…or had some kind of Navy connection

  • nicole

    the Perez is on a whole different level. he’s freakin crazy. and i totally love that Liv’s smile was basically a slap in his face. – and i love that its Fitz’s friend – who by the way was quite the gentleman to turn the camera off while Liv changed – that has her attention now. (i’ve actually started to hate Fitz. i know he has every right to hate everyone, but hes just a douche now lol).
    Cyrus playing Millie was great. its about time she got put in her place again. she was doin the man dirty – and she should know better. neverrrrrr mess with Cyrus.
    as for Huck & Quinn, i totally, 100% completely approve. i think those two would be adorable together. – buuuuuut i have a feeling they’ll just be close friends. at least for now.

    hope you feel better soon Shannon!

  • Shannon

    nicole, thanks for this! I totally forgot about that moment when Jake shut the camera off– I knew there was another reason I was digging him. And you’re right– he’s looking especially good next to Fitz right about now :)

  • blaqfury

    As a former resident of a hospital, please take the time to focus on getting better, especially for those adorable boys… we’ll be all right (although will sorely miss your spunky recaps) but we know you’ll come back 100%. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

    Alcohol + Bullet to the Head = Mr. PresiDON’T! He’s like one train stop from that dark place in crazyville. Come back to us Fitz… come back!

    I don’t know about anyone else, but Mellie & Cyrus had me cracking up. I loved that storyline. Especially when Meliie realized she was PLAYED!

    My Poor Huck… I hope Quinn and him stay friends.. I do not want them to become romantic… They just need to be the best of friends…

    Jake’s gonna be in twubble…you don’t lie to crazy people.

    I”ma call that Liv is gonna somehow find a way for David to get credit for the CIA mole storyline to get his life back on track. And we need some more Columbus Short!

    Get well Shannon!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, ‘Alcohol + Bullet to the Head = Mr. PresiDON’T!’ LMAO!!! I love it! I wonder if we’ll ever get our old Fitz back…

      Thanks for the well wishes. I am trying to rest up; think I went to bed at, like, 9 last night… which was awesome :)

  • rOXy

    Hope you’re feeling 100% real soon Shannon. Sorry you gots sick. I hate when that happens. Rest up! I do love how you thought about your readers while in the ER, can’t lie about that. *hugs*

    • Shannon

      rOXy, than you love! I’m working on it :)

  • Whit


    I hope you feel better! Drink lots of fluids!

    Okay, I’m no doctor. Heck I’m in school for Journalism but that seems like good advice lol

    • Shannon

      Whit, thank you– and that’s exactly what I was told to do, lol. Water + Antibiotic + rest = a happy, recap-writing Shannon :)

  • bleedingEars

    Is this show getting any critical acclaim? I mean from other than us fans. It’s wonderfully written, of course. And beautifully acted by a cast that feels like they’ve been doing this show together for years. Kerry Washington just continues to impress. And Olivia wearing grey leather elbow deep gloves to a meeting/date/meeting/date – freakin’ awesome!

    I’ll add to the well wishes… get yourself all better Shannon!

    • Shannon

      bleedingEars, ‘Olivia wearing grey leather elbow deep gloves to a meeting/date/meeting/date,’ LMAO! I KNOW right?! She is insane; her wardrobe is INSANE.

      I’m starting to notice more and more articles about ‘Scandal’ floating around, and I hope the television critics really do catch on… like in time for the next Emmy awards?! I loved the first season, but it was short and I thought the characters were not fully-developed enough for the show to get serious, critical recognition. I’m hoping this second season will change that. That’s why I loved that episode where we met Fitz’s father; I think we need to start seeing more personal aspects to all of the characters so that the show won’t just feel like an amazing work of crazy, drama-filled, intense, madness. The characters will become more and more real over time and the Emmys will start rolling in, lol!

      Thanks for the well wishes, bleedingEars. Means a lot to me

  • fab4runner

    I spent last night catching up on the last three episodes and of course I am lovinggg it. I am a huge Scott Foley fan (loved him in Felicity, The Unit and Grey’s Anatomy) so I fully support his role. Things are going to get super interesting with him, Liv and Fitz. Can’t wait.

    Cyrus and Mellie are cray, per usual. I am glad he finally played her. She was starting to really piss me off. I love her and hate her at the same time. haha.

    Huck and Quinn are adorable. Harrison is precious. Abby is Abby. I like that her and David are bangin’ out. At least he has that going for him. I was not a fan of him in the beginning, but I have grown to really like him.

    I also like that there was an actual problem for the Gladiators to fix this week. I like the whole Defiance thing, too, but I also want them to get back to fixing on a regular basis.

    • fab4runner

      Oh…and Liv’s dress at that gala….amazeballs! Loved it so much.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, I’m just seeing this. LMAO at ‘bangin’ out’!!! OMG! There is no other phrase for what they’re doing right now. Love it :)

  • tiffani

    I love the expression on the Fitz’s face when Olivia was on the phone with Jake. He will need to beg beg beg to get back in her good graces. Ultimately though I think most of his outrageous behavior will be attributed to his head injury. The doctor said he would have mood changes and some extreme behavior. We shall see because at this point how is he going to be redeemed in her and our eyes.

  • EAW

    Hope you’re feeling better Shannon!!

    I just don’t have a good feeling about Jake’s intentions with Olivia…it’s too creepy that he is watching her on video, even though it was Fitz’s orders. Something tells me things are going to get real weird with him.