Jermaine Jackson Has Officially Changed His Name To Jermaine Jacksun


Just when you think you’ve seen it all from the Jackson clan… this! Lol. Do y’all remember last year Trent reported that Jermaine Jackson was petitioning to get his name legally changed to Jermaine Jacksun??? I thought the story was hilarious, and couldn’t even believe it was real. Well, folks. It was real, and it is real. When you address or refer to Mr. Jackson from this point on (and yes, I know this will probably be an every-day occurance), please understand that you’ll be addressing Mr. Jacksun. LMAO. That ish crayyyy! Click inside for more!

E! has the story:

Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has successfully changed his famous surname to Jacksun, according to court documents obtained by E! News.

A court commissioner signed off on the 58-year-old singer’s petition today, officially making him Jermaine LaJuane Jacksun.

The fourth-eldest of Katherine and Joe Jackson’s sprawling brood has not yet commented since the switch became legal, but a spokesperson for Jermaine told us back when he first filed his petition in November that his decision to change one letter of his last name was “a personal choice” and “not a big deal.”

LOL, no. This really isn’t a big deal… and yet. I can’t stop SMH! But as PITNBr Matthew pointed out back in November, this is the same guy who named one of his kids Jermajesty. So yeah. NO!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Wenn]

  • That Fam Cray

  • rOXy

    What was the problum? Not sure what this accomplishes.

  • Alecia

    I got two words for Mr. Jackson, Jacksun, or whatever his name is now: SIT DOWN!
    You’re not Michael, you’ll never be Michael and even though Michael is gone- who are we thinking of? Michael. So stop trying to live for the fame and attention you’ll never get. Michael was Bugs and you’ll forever be Daffy. Rant over!

  • NotJermaine

    And he kept “Jermaine”? Jeez.

  • Dezden

    What the fuqq?

  • blaqfury

    Well let me speak for the .3ish percent of the population with the surname Jackson… Good Riddance! You will not be missed. (and ps, we’re not taking you back once you catch up with the rest of the world and realize that this was stupid)

  • Joe

    He should have changed the spelling of his first name to something like this “GerMaine” or “Jrmne”.
    What a crazy f’d family.
    The only normal one seems to be Janet.