The Dope Show


Last night I made my way out to Club Nokia at LA Live in downtown LA to see Marilyn Manson in concert and I have to say, I had a blast. I’ve been going to MM shows for years, ever since they first played Detroit way back in 1994. I’ve seen that band do some crazy stuff on stage back in their hey day but last night’s performance was pretty standard. It was fun, I enjoyed myself but … the shocking theatricality that MM is known for is long gone, I’m afraid.

Marilyn Manson went on tour with Rob Zombie last year and, sadly, I missed seeing that tour. I made sure not to miss them again so I was really excited by last night’s show. The performance was good, decent but … really lacking in that effed up magic that the band used to deliver. Now, I’m not saying I wanted to see anything gross but I’ve seen MM pull some crazy stunts on stage many times. Sex acts, mutilation … I mean, this is how the band got famous. The most shocking thing I saw last night was Manson spitting into the crowd (and not even on purpose) while wielding a butcher knife microphone. As I said, it was all neat but … not at all shocking or surprising. Here is video of their performance of the song Antichrist Superstar:

This dictator thing with the podium has been a staple of MM shows since 1996. Previously, Manson used to rip up Bibles and throw the pieces into the crowd. He did none of that last night. Now, either he’s turned over a new leaf where religion is concerned or he’s just no longer interested in bothering anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it may sound like I’m complaining and I’m honestly not. In my advanced age, ahem, I was quite happy to stay by and watch the show without getting soaked with whatever or moshed to death in the pit. I guess MM is advancing in age too and that’s why he’s no longer all that interested in wilding out. I’m glad I went to the show … it brought back a lot of fun memories. I had a blast.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with Tam and Rob so that we can plan … something together. I think the plan is to just hang out and chill … sounds like a good time to me. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

  • fab4runner

    I saw MM back in 2003 at Ozzfest and it was indeed a crazy/awesome show. I also saw him twice last year. Once at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH where he put on an awful show, and once at Desert Uprising in PHX where the show was much, much better. I am not sure what the deal was at RotR, as it was only four months before the show in AZ, but he was seriously bad.

    As you said, it is not nearly as out there or crazy as it was back in the day, but my brothers and I all enjoyed his performance at Desert Uprising and had a great time. Judging by your pics, it looked very similar to what you saw last night.

  • BMcBride81

    I saw them on their “greatest hits” tour in Phoenix and felt the same as you. It was my first and only time seeing them and it all felt very forced. Still love the music so I’m content not shilling the cash to see him live. Just more money saved for the next time Madonna tours. :-P

  • Mariella

    Trent – did Manson seem relatively healthy/ok? Last time my sister saw him she said he was so high that he barely knew where he was and had to get oxygen on stage. We’ve been worried about him ever since!