Selena Gomez And The ‘Spring Breakers’ Cast Have Been Werkin’ Their Red Carpet Appearances


Okay, y’all. We have some serious red carpet fashion to catch up on real quick. Selena Gomez has been attending a bunch of premieres for her new film Spring Breakers, and I am just now seeing some of these amazing looks! She wore a blue Gucci mini dress in Berlin, a cah-razy, sexy Atelier Versace pantsuit in Berlin, and a Blumarine skirt and blouse for her Madrid photo call. Most recently, she wore the all-black Dolce & Gabbana dress to the Madrid premiere. Whooooole lotta sexy, ya’ll. And Vanessa Hudgens has been werkin’ it too. She looked really sweet in this white Katharine Kidd outfit (with the crop top)… I’m just trying not to look at the shoes, lol. Peep the gallery for more! Do you love these looks, or what?

[Photo Credits: INF/Splash/Getty Images] [Source]

  • nicole

    ummm i LOVE that black dress Selena is rockin. damn.

  • Joan

    The Blue Gucci mini dress is my favorite on her, mainly because I think it’s the more “age appropriate” outfit of them all. (I don’t mean to say she’s being inappropriate. ‘Cause she’s not!) The black dress is gorgeous, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when young starlets kind of forget the “young” part when they get styled? At times, I feel that the outfit doesn’t come off as genuine because of it? Like the skirt and blouse, for example. Another gorgeous outfit, but it doesn’t say 20-year-old to me. (This is part of the reason I LOVE Emma Watson’s style. She is very aware of the difference.) Granted, Selena is one of the few that can pull off these more sophisticated looks even though she’s so young. Power to her for that. OK, rant over. LOL