Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Welcome Their Baby Boy To The World!


OMG!!! It Happened! It. Happened! OMG, I love Amber Rose but I was soooo gonna be over her if she didn’t hurry up and have this baby, lol! When we last saw Amber and her fiancé Wiz Khalifa they were at the Grammy Awards, and it occurred to me that Amber had been prego for 72 months. LMAO! But she’s so not pregnant anymore because yesterday evening she gave birth to the little Rosebud we’ve all been waiting for; Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is here y’all! Which means we can finally call off the bump watch that we started so many moons ago. Click inside for more!!!

Oh, Hai Sebastian & Poppa Wiz! Amber posted this one on her Instagram:

Best daddy ever…. Up with the baby so Muva can go back to sleep

And Wiz (née Cameron Jibril Thomaz) announced the birth of his first child on Twitter:

He’d also tweeted this great pic when Amber was getting ready to deliver:


Aghhh! I’m so psyched for them! And I kinda love that they’ve given the baby a nickname already– hilarious.

PITNBr apriljan, I feel like congratulations are in order for you too, lol! Your baby is here!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • apriljan

    I found out about their bundle of joy last night and I was ‘patiently’ waiting for you to post something! Bash is here! So happy for them.. and for me hahaha! The wait’s over..! I can’t wait to see that little man in action!

  • jillcasey

    I immediately thought about Jonathan Taylor Thomas when I first saw the little guy’s name was Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing yet.

    • Sandy!

      I thought the exact same thing!

      That picture of Wiz holding the baby is pure adorableness.

  • Lindsay

    I thought they were going to have a home birth? I realize her choices aren’t our business, I just wondered if something happened or if she got into it and said “Oh hell no!” LOL!

    • Shannon

      Lindsay, I totally forgot about that! Maybe Sonya (down below) is right, and Amber had to have a c-section.

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Shannon, I thought of you as soon as I saw this on People’s website last night. I LOVE the name they chose. I would have figured it would be something kind of crazy, but I love how normal, yet unique, Sebastian is.

  • Alecia

    I don’t know much about these two but I give them full credit for using a fully normal baby name.

    • rOXy

      ….and a distinguished totally normal name at that! = )

  • blaqfury

    It’s about time! Man Amber has been pregnant forrrrrever!
    Congratulations to them both! Wiz is gonna be an awesome father!

  • Sonya

    I was also looking for some news of their home birth. Looks like maybe a c section? Given that Wiz is all gowned and masked up…