We Need To Talk About Elemental Threads, And My Awesome New Purse


Y’all. I usually don’t get too personal here on PITNB but allow me to discuss… um… myself for a moment. A little while back I got an e-mail from PITNBr Emily, and as soon as I finished reading it (and laughing hysterically, and marveling at the fact that she works in my old hometown of Somerville, and clicking on the various links she’d sent me, many just for kicks), something very important occurred to me: I am famous AF. LMAO. No, really. Emily lit’rally made me feel like I was Miranda Kerr¬†getting free clothes at a friggen Victoria’s Secret fashion show, because after she showered me with praises for my work on PITNB (as if I need more lurve, considering how awesome all of you are… but yeah, no, I still need more love… lol), she went on to offer me a new purse from her amazingly amazing site, Elemental Threads. Some of you may remember that Emily made a bag for Trent’s BFF Emma a while back, and now I have one too! Because I am now Miranda Kerr, and I have fabulous accessories for my fabulous life. Please click inside to envy me/find out how you can get your OWN super-fancy, awesome bag from e-Threads!

Okay sooo, this is the part where you’re just plain jealous. It’s fine, I know it hurts, I know! LMAO, I designed it myself and then had a photo shoot in the bathroom right before I went to see Amour. It’s fine:


My boys Jovelle¬†(curly-haired cutie) and Jonovan (big brother cutie) also love the bag and clutch… although they have been forbidden to touch either, unless I need to use their cuteness for selfish, blog-related purposes:


And this is the part where you go make your own bag on e-Threads!

1.) Go HERE, fall in lurve with everything, and design your dream bag.

2.) Checkout with Google Checkout.

3.) Enter code PITNBR for 20% off

The coupon expires one month from today, so be sure to place your order by March 21! I cannot express how much I love my bag, but I hope it shows in the pictures. There’s NO way I would’ve had the balls to bust out my Throwback red Dior lipstick from, like, 7 years ago (back when I bought expensive make-up, because nobody told me I should have already started saving up for diapers) if I didn’t have my new purse; that ridiculously sexy red lining was just begging for me to do something cray, lol.

Speaking of Throwbacks, I’m swapping out our usual Throwback Thursday post for this one and I hope y’all don’t mind. Please feel free to go back and enjoy last week’s baby-making mix; at least 7 of those love songs speak EXACTLY to my feelings for my new bag… and for PITNBr Emily, lol!

A million, billion shouts-out to Emily and to Elemental Threads! Hope all you PITNBrs get to make a purse of your own. All Miranda Kerr jokes aside– it felt really, really, seriously good to sit down and do something for myself like this. By the time I was finished making my purse I totally got why every single celebrity we know and love (and every single real Housewife everywhere) ends up getting a fashion line– cause it’s crazy fun to design things and it makes you feel hella cool! I can’t wait to go back to e-Threads and start working on my next purse.

Did I say I love PITNBr Emily? Oh, okay. I love her.

  • Vicky

    OMG this site totally needs more of those amazingly adorable little dudes!

    • Shannon

      Thanks Vicky! They’re pretty cute– I try to find an excuse to sneak them in when I can. But they really do think my new bag is cool, lol :)

  • Natalea

    Okay, your kids are freakin adorable. It’s ridic.

    • Shannon

      Natalea, thank you!

  • Vicky

    OMG TOTALLY DESIGNING A BAG RIGHT NOW. What an awesome idea!!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      Vicky, you are going to have a blast. I PROMISE.

  • Krissy

    Your children as sooo cute, and you look adorable as well!

    I can really feel the joy from these pictures. That is the power of a good bag. ;)

    • Shannon

      Krissy, thank you! ‘That is the power of a good bag’– EXACTLY.

  • Ben@pr

    Miranda Kerr who ? Shannon you are PITNB own diva. You are fabulous, write greats post and takes care of your children without and army of nannies and staff (I guess, just kidding!!!). But above all you are very smart and articulate and I’m sure a great woman admired by so many people.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, OMG you had me cracking up with this one! LOL. Thank you so much for all this… mainly the Miranda Kerr bit ;)

  • rOXy

    You’re a freakin’ doll, Shannon. I mean really. You and the LOYL made some beautiful babes together, too. And look at you! Is there an uncreative bone in your body? I think not. I mean, raising your adorable kids (two boys have got to wear it out), churning out blog posts that are thesis quality, designing handbags, stalking Miranda and Frank….the list goesonandonandon. Love your new awesome bag!

    • Shannon

      rOXy, lmao! I love this! Thank you :) I really, really hope you get to e-Threads and make yourself a bag. We’re ALL busy out here in these streets; it’s nice to do something that’s just pure fun when you can.

  • Shannon m.

    The bag is one thing.. but that adorable curly hair is another. Can we make the hair into a bag? Is that creepy? I’m just really goin’ for cute here.

    • emily

      @Shannon m., that HAIR! I can’t get enough! It’s not creepy at all. I won’t judge you if you won’t judge me when I say to our cat, “You’re so cute I want to eat your face off.” Why do we say things like this?!

    • Shannon

      Shannon m., ‘Can we make the hair into a bag? Is that creepy?’ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, Jovelle gets so many compliments on his hair, but that one takes the cake :)

      You’ll have to talk to Emily about the possibility of making the hair into a bag. At the very least, you could take his picture and use THAT as the pattern on your bag. I would or would not be really weirded out by that ;)

  • Dezden

    You better werk! So famous, Shannon!!! And great bags!

    • Shannon

      Dezden, lol! Thank you :) Emily put in some serious werk.

  • emily

    Shannon! OMG, I can’t even with this ish, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing. This is emily from ethreads and I just LOVED working with you on the bag! You c hose such a great fabric and that red lining – stop it – break out that Dior girl and WERQ. You are just such a rockstar and hard working mommy and make so many of us happy … you deserve it! Now as for Miranda Kerr … well, next time you’re grocery shopping I’ll be sure to have some paps set up so the experience is complete.

    • blaqfury

      Your website is absolutely awesome!

    • Shannon

      emily, my heart, my soul, my EVERYTHING! You’ve done so much for me already… but yes, please do send the ‘razzis after me, lol

  • Niki

    That’s so cute! Emily is so talented!

    • Shannon

      Niki, Emily is CRazY talented, right? I still can’t believe she makes these beautiful things!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Your kids are so cute, I can’t even!!! Also, you are rocking that red lipstick! Love it! Very Miranda of you. ;)

  • Nellstar

    Those smiles…. ugh.

    Got DAM you, Shannon! Perusing site now…

  • Isabelle

    OMG ! So jealous !
    Emily, wow, your site…Believe me when I say that next month I’ll be ordering ! You’ll recognize me as the one from Belgium. Can’t wait. (*designs * designs another* *and another*)

    Girls ! I love you so much right now !

  • devops

    nice purse

  • Shannon

    Hey all! Emily at E-Threads is having trouble getting her comments to show up so she e-mailed me so I could pass this on:

    I’ve not been able to comment but I’m so touched by the positive response. Anyone with design questions can contact me at emily@elementalthreads.com, happy to help. Can you also tell Isabelle her cat is gorgeous, love the pic?