Rollin’ With My Homies


So, yesterday … so much fun! I got to spend time with dear friends who I haven’t been able to see due to geographic restrictions and various other reasons but, man, seeing them yesterday really made me happy. I got to spend the early part of the day with my dear Angie who is visiting LA from Boston for a few days. Then, I got to meet up with Justine and Gary at the Lisa Loeb show last night and just had the best time ever. I actually enjoyed back to back days of happiness and joy … yay, me!

Angie is my boo and we do our best to spend as much time as we can, as often as we can. She moved back to Boston about a year ago and I’ve missed her terribly so it was really nice for the two of us to have an entire afternoon to hang out. We ate, we drank, we gossiped … we had the best time. She and I could spend days together but, alas, she has other people to see while she’s here in LA :)

After my date with Angie, I made my way to the Bootleg Bar to see Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories LIVE in concert for the first time in … man, I don’t even know how long. At the show, I ran into my friends Justine and Gary and we had a blast:

Last night’s show just reminded me of all the great shows I saw back in the 90’s. Concerts back then were so freaking fun. Good friends, good music … that’s what makes life worth savoring. It was so wonderful getting to reconnect with Gary and Justine last night, truly. They are just such amazing people. I hope we can keep good on hanging out more often. I would really love to savor more nights like last night.

Tonight, I’m seeing another show … a bit of a departure from Lisa Loeb last night. Tonight, I’m seeing Marilyn Manson for the umpteenth time and I’m excited. Love MM or not, he always puts on a great show so — I can’t wait! Apparently it’s 90’s Revival week for me so … Yay! Happy Thursday!!

  • Krissy

    “I actually enjoyed back to back days of happiness and joy”

    YAY!! So happy! HUGS! :)

  • janaegal

    Trent, how do you always manage to get the setlist? is this a press perk? I’m so jealous of your concert life, BTW! :)

    • @janaegal — No perk at all. Just go up to the stage when the show is over and either ask for it or take it. A nice trick is to ask the sound guy in the middle of room for his setlist.

    • janaegal

      Wow. Good to know!! Do you do anything fun with yours? Displayed or in a book? I can’t wait to try that out at the next concert.

    • @janaegal — I have a binder full of setlists going back to 1994. I also have albums of all my ticket stubs and a box of miscellany (guitar picks, flyers, stickers, etc.)

  • Kayla

    It’s like Throwback Thursday all week for you…. Awesome.

    • @Kayla — LOL yes :D