Anderson Cooper Parties With Andy Cohen In Rio


Did you know that CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Bravo’s Andy Cohen are BFFs? True story. Andy and Andy found themselves celebrating carnival together last week with a whole bunch of gays and happily posed for a group photo with a few other tank-topped dudes. Not that he really went out of his way to really hide his personal life but now that Anderson is out and proud, we are seeing much more of him enjoying himself without having to worry about his sexuality becoming an issue. I think it’s really great to see Anderson hanging with his gays like it ain’t no thang. Click below to see some of the fun the Andy’s enjoyed in Rio together.

Anderson Cooper has been spotted partying in Rio de Janeiro with his boyfriend Ben Maisani, Bravo host Andy Cohen and a slew of new friends at events celebrating the city’s annual Carnival. Twitter was ablaze on Saturday night with news that the CNN anchor was watching the Champions Parade at the Sambadrom, which came four days after the main part of the Carnival. ‘I arrived in Rio yesterday,’ he told Brazilian reporters as he attended the event as a guest of beer company Devassa. ‘I watched the Carnival once in Manaus. This event is known worldwide.’ But when asked if he would walk in the parade, known for its scantily-clad samba dancers and huge, colourful floats, he said no because ‘my business is watching’. Cooper, who is well known in Brazil, stopped for pictures with fans who promptly uploaded them to social networking websites. At the event on Saturday, he and Cohen were seen wearing bright yellow t-shirts for beer company Devassa, which translates as ‘lewd’ and debauched’, Page Six reported.

OMG, I love this. Something about the idea of Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen whooping it up together just makes me smile. Those two … I wouldn’t be surprised if their friendship was much more … involved … I mean, not now necessarily but … well, you know how it is. Because these two are pretty high profile, I guess they do have to censor themselves a bit in public but … can you imagine what kind of fun these guys get up to behind closed doors? HMMMMM.


  • Michael Gonzalez

    lol yeah I’d like to be in the middle of that group hehe :P

  • RonRontb22

    Lovez it! Wish I were there.

  • janaegal

    I’ve seen them on Instagram over the past year, they’re one of my favorite celebrity BFFs(right behind Ryan Gosling and his dog).

    What ever happened to Anderson’s boyfriend pictured kissing some other dude? I’m guessing that’s allowed in their relationship?

  • Xox

    Andy Cohen is not Anderson’s type, Anderson said that himself. Anderson’s real bf Ben is a lot hotter than Andy Cohen or any of those other guys in the Rio pic.