First Listen: New Kids On The Block Previews Their New Album ’10’


Last month we learned first that New Kids on the Block are hitting the road this Summer with fellow boybands Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, then we got to hear their new single Remix (I Like The) from their upcoming new album 10. Today we get to hear short preview snippets of every single song from NKOTB’s new album. 10 will be released on April 2 but in the meantime, we can sample the album to hear what’s in store. Honestly, the guys sound way more mature in these songs so I’m very curious to see what the fan response will be. Click below to see the album tracklist for 10 so that you can match up the preview clips above with the songs below.

01 “We Own Tonight”
02 “Remix (I Like The)”
03 “Take My Breath Away”
04 “Wasted On You”
05 “Fighting Gravity”
06 “Miss You More”
07 “The Whisper”
08 “Jealous (Blue)”
09 “Crash”
10 “Back to Life”
11 “Now or Never”
12 “Survive You”
13 “Block Party”

I can’t say that any of these snippets really jump out at me but, again, I’m much more curious to hear what longtime NKOTB fans think so … do you like what you hear thus far?


  • nicole

    i like it. its definitely a more mature sound..but you still hear classic NKOTB.

  • Jstar

    files have been muted due to copyrights…boo!

    • Grace

      Boo, indeed! :(