Kate Middleton Officially Debuts Her Royal Baby Bump In Public


Except for when she was released from the hospital after her pregnancy announcement and her televised appearance at the BBC‘s annual Sports Personality of the Year Awards — both in December — Kate Middleton had not yet officially showed off her royal baby bump … until today. In her official role as Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and royal fetus attended a public function at one of her favorite charities. Click below to see a couple of photos of the royal bump’s first official engagement and read some deets about what went down earlier today.

Wearing an unseasonally summery Max Mara dress, the Duchess, who is halfway through her pregnancy, made no attempt to disguise her swelling tummy. As she arrived at an addiction recovery centre in Clapham, south London, she stood with her hands clasped under her bump as she chatted to dignitaries. The Duchess looked tanned after her recent holiday in Mustique, when pictures of her wearing a bikini were taken and published in some foreign magazines. She is visiting Hope House, a residential centre for women run by Action on Addiction, of which she is Patron. As she chatted to women in an art therapy class, she told one of them: “Well done for getting sober.” Action on Addiction works to free people from addiction, support their families, and train professionals to help them. The charity mainly deals with drug and alcohol problems but also helps people suffering from other addictions including gambling. The charity has centres in Dorset, London, Merseyside and Wiltshire, but operates nationally. Nick Barton, who heads Action on Addiction, which Kate supports as patron, described her as an “intelligent” woman genuinely interested in the work of his organisation. Mr Barton said: “I speak of what I know – somebody who wants to help, is helpful and genuinely interested and is intelligent. I can only speak (of) what I know. I’ve met her several times and I found her to be engaging, I found her very natural, I found her actually genuinely interested in the subject. You can tell a lot from people’s questions and she asks really good questions. They’re not routine stuff, they’re questions of someone who wants to learn. I find her very easy to deal with.”

Firstly, how amazing does Kate look? I mean, she always looks so great but now that she’s pregs … are you kidding me? FABULOUS. Secondly, I love that she chose this charity event as the first official coming out engagement for her baby bump because it sets a nice precedent of how she may carry out the rest of her royal pregnancy. I don’t know if she is planning to attend many events between now and July (when her baby is due) but I, for one, hope so … cuz I can’t WAIT to see this bump get bigger and bigger!


  • Cee

    There were some profile pix of Kate, and there was def more belly to see than a front on pic – hopefully she’s over the horrible sickness she was having!

  • rachel

    heh heh… “the royal fetus”… that’s awesome!

  • Joanna

    I really want to see her with a substantial baby bump because I think she’d look beautiful that way, but because she has never been a large person to begin with, I think her baby bump will be much smaller, a la Victoria Beckham. She’s simply glowing either way and July can’t come soon enough. Not only is the royal baby due then, but so is Jessica Simpson (I think) and Kim Kardashian.

  • Madison

    Lol at the visual from Joanna. I’m already embarrassed for Jessica and Kim to have to be compared to Kate and her baby bump beauty!

  • Sarah

    She is adorbs and looks stunning!

    Ah the English! I’m from Australia and that is definitely not a summery dress