Watch: ‘The Real World’ Season 28 Trailer Looks An Awful Lot Like A Coed ‘Bad Girls Club’


LMAO. This is so funny, ’cause I kinda forgot that MTV’s The Real World was still a thing. But apparently, it is! And season 28 is coming, so get ready. The Real World: Portland just released its first trailer, and it looks like the new season is gonna try to keep up with it’s naughty sister series Bad Girls Club. Both are Bunim/Murray productions and I always thought Jonathan Murray was gonna keep The Real World fairly classy (since he already has one trashy show in BGC… and yes, I watch sometimes), but it looks he’s over that, lol! I mean, the beginning of the trailer starts out kinda deep– you know, pretty kids with, like, real insecurities– but then things get pretty ratchet by the end. Peep the trailer for more! Is anybody still watching this show?


  • cmc

    I happen to love trashy reality TV shows, but I simply cannot watch the ones that get violent. That’s not cool or funny, and I find it extremely off-putting and hard to watch.

  • Randal

    THANK GOD I’m 34 and remember when the Real World was fresh & relevant. I haven’t watched in forever & this preview tells me i still won’t tune in.

  • Tru U

    I had no idea The Real World was shooting in my neck of the woods. I haven’t seen that show in forever. Who new, come to think of it I might of heard it on the news but forgot about it

  • Sarah Brewer

    ” I always thought Jonathan Murray was gonna keep The Real World fairly classy”. LOL. I’m sorry but the Real World has not been classy since Hawaii.

  • Dezden

    I swear… I have been watching this since I was 12/13… yes, EVERY season. Even NOW that I’m almost 27. What is wrong with me?