Taylor Swift Sued For Almost $2 Million Following A Concert Cancellation


Y’all know how it goes. Another day, another celebrity lawsuit! Between her amazing fashion sensibilities, and that one time she hung out with The Game, Taylor Swift is having a pretty awesome 2013. However, the young pop star may be heading to court over a concert cancellation. Swifty was paid $2.5 million (in advance) for a concert that was later cancelled by the promoters. The promoters are now demanding that some of that money be returned, since Taylor never actually performed. Click inside to learn more!

TMZ has the deets:

Taylor Swift¬†got paid $2.5 MILLION to perform at a hoedown in Canada … but when the show got canceled, Taylor kept the money … this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Long story short … Swift was supposed to headline a huge country music concert in Ottawa in August 2012 called the Capital Hoedown.

Problem is … the promoters couldn’t get their act together, and to the dismay of the Canadian country music community, the hoedown was 86’d.

So why is this Taylor’s problem?

According to a new lawsuit filed in federal court in New York, Swift got all of her cash up front … and the ticket company, which had to refund $1.8 million in tickets, thinks she should foot the bill … since she never actually did anything. In fact, even if TS were to pay, she would still walk with $700k in profit.

But Taylor’s rep tells TMZ the singer NEVER made a deal with the ticket company — and has not yet seen the lawsuit … which means she’s not exactly rushing to fork over a $1.8 million check.

Sigh. Rich people problems. Sounds like either way this goes, Taylor’s winning. Although, I could see why she’d feel entitled to the money; it wasn’t her fault the concert was cancelled, and she could have been performing somewhere else.

What do y’all think? Should the promoters chock up the loss? Or does Taylor need to cough up some of that cash?

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  • ClaireMichelle

    This sounds like the promoter’s problem. I wonder why they couldn’t get their shit together and had to cancel. Good point on her keeping the money since she could have had another gig set up. Either way, that’s a lot of money. Wowza.

  • Sandys

    I live in Ottawa and had tickets to attend the festival. The reason it was cancelled was wholly the fault of the Capital Hoedown festival, and their mismanagement of finances. The ticket company that ended up refunding my money was not the company I initially purchased from. This ticket company is suing Taylor, despite the fact that they should really be going after the Capital Hoedown. Legally speaking, I doubt Taylor is liable to pay up since her contract was with the Hoedown and the contract specified that she be paid even if the festival is cancelled.

  • Lulu

    I agree. She could have booked somewhere else and THEY cancelled after paying her. Too bad, so sad.

    This is just like cancelling a wedding the day of, or something like that. You still have to pay those vendors for their time because they are not able to recoup that. Granted this is a MUCH larger scale, but the same thing should apply.

    That said, I’m sure she could very easily give the $ back, it’s not like she is hurting for cash. Or donate it to a charity. Either way I think it’s her choice and she should not be sued for it.

    • Lauren xx

      I clicked in here to say exactly this. Taylor could have booked somewhere else had she not been otherwise engaged. Her contract probably has some sort of cancellation stipulation, I guarantee she’ll be keeping at least a mil.

  • nicole

    and this is why dont pay in advance, or atleast not a full amount in advance.