Jennifer Lawrence Is Making Another Movie With Bradley Cooper And Her ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Director


A little while back we heard about an upcoming from from David O. Russell, critically-acclaimed director of the Oscar-nominated film Silver Linings Playbook. I was excited about the project because Louis C.K. was in talks for a role, which would be such a huge deal for him… and for us. And while his participation in the project has yet to be confirmed, we do have news about another cast member. Jennifer Lawrence is on board, y’all! This is a good thing. Click inside to learn more!
Complex has the story:

Everyone’s new best friend, Jennifer Lawrence, is set to reunite with Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell and co-star Bradley CooperDeadline is reporting. The actress has just signed on to Russell’s next project, the Abscam pic formerly titled American Bullshit, which is already set to star Cooper, along with Christian BaleAmy AdamsJeremy Renner, and possibly Louis C.K.

As she’ll be portraying the wife of Bale’s character, it doesn’t look like the role will be all that big for Lawrence – he is already said to have an affair with Adams’ character, and relationship tension doesn’t seem like it would have much of a place for prevalence in a film that’s supposed to surround a FBI sting operation that took down U.S. congressmen in the late 70s and early 80s. But hey, maybe we can hope for some badass bitch monologues! Plus, the idea of Lawrence and Cooper on screen again – it will be their third film together, counting the upcoming Serena – is definitely a good one.

So last night I was getting ready to go to the movies, with big plans on seeing Silver Linings Playbook… when I saw that my local theatre was also playing Amour! The French film buff in me won out, but I’m def seeing Silver Linings before this weekend’s Oscars.

Either way, I’m still excited about this cast! Jennifer Lawrence as Christian Bale’s wife?! Madness. And I really hope Louis C.K. joins; this could really be a lot of fun.


  • Sandy!

    Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper? Some women get all the luck.
    Can i be her for a day?

  • Anne-Laure

    Feelings! So many feelings!!

  • Natalea


    Shannon, what did you think of Amour?! Ugh, it ripped my heart out.

    • Shannon

      Natalea, it had pretty much the same effect on me. I knew it was dark, but totally forgot about what I’d heard as I watched the story unfold. But it was a great film; I’m looking forward to catching up on the director’s other work.