Is Adele Headed To Las Vegas?


Not that this is news or anything, but Las Vegas is, apparently, the place to be. Britney Spears’s Vegas residence was confirmed a few weeks ago, and now rumor has it that Adele might be headed to Vegas as well. It would– never in a million years– occur to me that Adele would be interested in doing Vegas, but according to this story, such a deal might have its benefits for the singer and new mom. Click inside to learn more!

The HuffPost has the story:

Britney Spears may not be the only star headed to Las Vegas. The Daily Star reports that Adele could be the next singer to sign on for a Vegas residency.

Adele may consider the residency instead of traveling for a world tour.

“Adele is top of the Vegas hit-list and she’s seriously considering it as an option,” a source said, The Star reports. “She wants to get back to performing but doesn’t want to go on the road so soon after becoming a mum. A Vegas residency would mean she could settle with her family and record her third album all at once.”

Adele gave birth to her first son on Oct. 19. She has reportedly started work on her third album, two years after the release of her last album, “21.”

You can kinda see how Vegas would make more sense for Adele right now, rather than a world tour. But would she really do it? I don’t know Vegas like some folks do, but I do understand that a Vegas act does not have the same stigma that it once had.

What do y’all think? Do you see Adele doing Vegas? I’m listening to Skyfall right now, lol. I can see it!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • apriljan

    To hear that beautiful voice every night in Vegas would be grand! But she has to take care of those vocal chords!! I’m for it, but she also has to take it easy..

  • DaeDae

    Yeees Please! This prob the only way I’ll be able to see her live. Homegirl doesn’t do big arenas and her tkts always sell out fast as hell. This gives me leeway BIG TIME!!!!