Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Sacrifice,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


So, I knew this was supposed to be the big episode. I knew ish was gonna pop off… and I pretty much knew before I watched last night’s episode of Revenge, someone was gonna die. But still… I was not ready! And neither were you. I mentioned on a couple of other posts that I went to see the french film Amour last night and, since I watched Revenge afterwards, I’ve pretty much been in a glass case of emotion since 7:30 pm yesterday. Click inside and mourn with me, Revengers. Mourn with me.


So yes, we know this episode was full of darkness, but before we weep over our losses, let’s highlight some of the sweeter moments (though they were few and far between). I was sooo happy when Ashley came over to warn ‘Emily’ about Fauxmanda’s troubles with the Graysons. For a split second it kinda seemed like the two could be buddies again, but ‘Emily’ ended up brushing her off. I’m still hoping that these two could link up– now that Ashley’s back in the good graces of the Graysons (or at least Conrad) ‘Emily’ could certainly use her help. And really? ‘Em needs a true, blue girlfriend! If that’s even possible on Revenge.

And even though Charlotte and Declan hardly get air time anymore, how cute were they with baby Carl? Declan may have been our little dumbass for a while there, but these are good kids! And I hate to think of what all this new drama is gonna do to them.

So yeah, those were pretty much the ‘nice’ moments of this episode and everything else was just tragedy. Tragedy! Let’s go on ahead and get to it.

Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge

Season 2, Episode 14: Sacrifice

1. The Graysons Are Back– And Grimey As Ever


Yo. How much did you diiiiiieeeee when Victoria put on the clothes of a dead woman and hopped into that car, lmao?! Vicki is back, bitches! And she don’t give an eff if she just killed you; she’s puttin’ on your damn clothes! LOL, oh man. I love it. And I love that Daniel and Conrad couldn’t even handle it. As they all just sat there trying to figure out what to do about Helen Crowley’s dead body (and the fact that her chauffer was waiting outside), Victoria had it all figured out.

But here’s the thing with Vicki. You kinda love her for some ish… but then she always goes too far! I couldn’t believe she was all set with framing Fauxmanda! Except, yeah that makes perfect sense. And now that Conrad is for real, for real running for Governor, it looks like the whole gang is back at it.


The bummer part is, I still love me some Daniel, so I really don’t want them dragging him into their madness. But I think it will be interesting for Revenge to get a little Scandalous, with some political drama.

Quote It: The bitch had it coming (Vicki, RE: Helen)
Charlotte please. If not for your father’s benefit, do it for that over-heated infant! It’s clear that he needs a quiet, temperature-controlled space! (Vicki, RE: Carl… who was fine, lmao)

2. The Totally Fake/Totally Real Argument Between Jack And ‘Amanda’


Finally, the truth comes out. Fauxmanda finally, sorta told Jack the truth about their relationship, in an attempt to get that douchebag Ryan brother (I refuse to commit his name to memory) on her side for a minute. I thought this was a really cool scene because Fauxmanda and Jack had to argue so that douchebag Ryan brother wouldn’t know they were really about to escape. But the argument was as real as it was phony, because Jack really was hurt to hear ‘Amanda’ say that she was only using him to get back at the Graysons. However, Jack still never heard the for real, for real truth, which is that ‘Amanda’ was never really his childhood Amanda to begin with.

3. Jack! NoooooooooooOOOOOOooooooo!


OMG, they shot Jack! I was lit’rally yelling this at the screen. Like, OMG. Jack? Again, I knew it was coming! But I was still so emotionally ill-prepared! I think when we saw douchebag Ryan brother shooting at the lock, we just didn’t expect a bullet to go through and hit our beloved, eternally-innocent Jack! However, the writers and director pulled this off nicely because I def thought Jack was gonna be the one at the bottom of the Amanda. They did a similar thing last season with Daniel and Tyler, where they kept making it look like there was one big episode where Daniel ended up DUNZO. So yeah, nicely played guys. Nicely played.

4. The Initiative Doesn’t Give An Eff About Padma, Her Dad, Or His Finger


Okay, so I’m with Nolan on this one. Leave Padma out of it!!! I actually think she’s really a sweetheart, and when ‘Emily’ and Aiden pressured him to include her in their anti-Initiative escapades, I was kinda feeling where he was coming from; he really didn’t want her involved and now we see why! You can’t really play hard ball with a group of people that will cut off your father’s finger and send it to you when you demand ‘proof’ that he’s alive. Awkward AF.

5. The Amandas Are Back At It… But It’s Too Late


I was soooo psyched when I saw ‘Emily’ jump on that boat and start beating the crap outta douchebag Ryan brother! OMG! I really thought the A-Team was back at it– and they totally were, if only for a minute. Jack was (presumably) safe with Nolan, and they were just about to get off the boat when Fauxmanda saw the necklace. I actually thought it was something Jack had given her, but when they flashbacked to that throwback juvey scene, I was like OMG. Fauxmanda is such a sap! She has always loved ‘Emily’ and she lit’rally risked her life for a memory. I think in that moment, ‘Emily’ finally realized that ‘Amanda’ really did love her, and really did think of her as a sister, even if the love and the relationship was flawed.

I know what you’re all wondering, lol! Did I cry when Fauxmanda AKA Eamanda (shouts-out to PITNBr Whit) AKA Emily died? Yes, yes I did. ‘Cause that was a ride or die chic if there ever was one!!! And I immediately regretted all those times I thought ‘can this crazy girl just go away?‘ when she first popped up and started causing drama, lol. When ‘Emily’ finally let go of Fauxmanda, I def felt like a 14 year-old circa 1997, watching Rose let go of Jack’s hand during Titanic.

R.I.P. Fauxmanda:


Anybody else shed a tear, or pour out some liquor for the homie ‘Amanda’? Also, was it just me, or did the rest of the episode kinda pale in comparison to the boat scenes? I mean, ish was still cray, but the Graysons’s party and all that was a little dull.

P.S. Who is this guy?! I feel like I’ve seen him in a million things and can’t think of a single one right now, lol!


P.S.S. I didn’t get to comment on last week’s recap with everyone, but just wanted to let y’all know I did read all the comments. Did you see this one from PITNBr janalward? Had me cracking up:

Does anyone else feel like Emily’s infinity box is like Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpetbag?

P.S.S.S. I realllly, can’t stand this guy and I’m so glad he’s dead, may he rest in peace. In this episode he suddenly reminded me of a broke-ass Christian Bale, LMAO:


P.S.S.S.S. Before we lost Fauxmanda, I was planning on giving her the award for Best Cleavage Of The Episode. Now it seems wrong to do that… or… totally right:

  • Ana

    The actor you don’t know who he is played a character in ‘Torchwood’. At least that’s from where I know him.

    • Liz

      Thank you. It was bugging me so much about the character. He looked so familiar. Now I know! Owen Harper from Torchwood.

  • Diane

    First mystery guy – from Torchwood, actor Burn Gorman (Owen)

  • Samantha

    Burn Gorman! I loved him in Torchwood! I love the Brits! I can’t even talk about Fauxmanda, like she was ride or mofo die for Emily.

    • Shannon

      Ana, Liz, Diane, Samantha, thank YOU!

  • DJ

    Um, so Ryam brother is bummed tat Jack is lying lifeless in a lifeboat and ” got away? ” YOU’RE IN A YACHT!!! GO AFTER HIM!!

    And a shitty laptop camera on the floor on the other side of the room captures everything that happens on deck so Nolan can says”Jack got shot”?? Come ON!!!

    I’m all for crazy over the top soap stuff, but the writers of this show just keep getting lazier and lazier and it’s insulting to the viewers.

    And granted, the finally got Emily back on a revenge trip against the Grayson’s, would she really be this passionate about Amanda?? Especially since it was her fault this all happened to begin with!! If it was Jack, it’d make sense – and would be a God send cuz Jack is a waste of a character.

    Season 2 is a disaster. Hopefully they can pull themselves together and give us a finale that will actually make the show interesting again.

  • Joan

    Man, I felt so bad for Amanda and Emily. No matter how incredibly MESSED UP their friendship was, they always stuck up for each other. I thought Fauxmanda’s departure was very heartfelt. Aw, twisted sisters forever…*sad face*

    But Fauxmanda went out like the fighter she was. When stupid Ryan bro dragged her to the deck and left Jack in the cabin, I was all like “YOU FOOL, she’s 1000x more dangerous than Jack! You took the lethal weapon with you!”. Haha! I really thought she was going to pull this up. *sad face*

    Emily is going to go berserk on the Graysons! I mean, this is just going to reignite whatever revenge-y feelings might have been momentarily displaced when she started focusing on the Initiative. IT’S ON! (I think a lot of people didn’t got just how close these two were up until the necklace thing) And, I’m sorry, I can’t help to put some of the responsibility on Daniel as well. I don’t think he is an innocent bystander anymore…. *sad face*

    Um, TEAM AIDEN! (Can’t help it, haha!)

  • SuFa

    Okay. Can we talk for a moment about the fight on the boat with Emily for a second? All along she has been a BAMF fighter and this two bit thug Ryan brother douche gets the upper hand on her multiple times? For reals?

    Plus…why on earth would he blow up the boat? Like he was really just resigned to peace out and he wanted to take Fakemily and Fauxmanda out – just cuz? That made zero sense to me.

    And Padma should be suspicious of that package. A finger getting chopped off and shipped in a box is not proof of life. A video of her dad getting his finger chopped off while holding today’s newspaper (in the other hand, obvs) would be better.

    • Joan

      Yes, yes, and yes! Especially with the whole boat explosion. No sense. Why would he ever willingly give up his life for… Conrad?! LOL! I understand why he would want to stop Fauxmanda, but yeah, it makes no sense as to why he would to blow up himself in the process.

      As for the finger, shouldn’t Aiden know better by now? They should at least submit that finger to DNA testing! LOL As for Emily’s fighting, maybe boat fighting wasn’t part of the training program. Haha, you are so right.

    • Heidi

      And as we all learned in Prison Break, even when someone’s head gets cut off and put in a box, “it’s not really them”, even though the person’s lover swears it is and grieves about it.
      A finger proves nothing.

      But seriously, I just want everyone to find out about Emily’s identity already before this show gets cancelled like Ringer before the best damn part.

    • SuFa

      At revenge camp Takeda told them, “You guys need to be able to outrun some attack dogs in a labyrinth, but we don’t do taining for boat-fighting, cuz that’s just silly.”

    • Joan


    • DJ

      Yeah, that’s why the weird guy on the phone told her to check the fingerprint.

  • naomi black

    I’m mad that nobody here noticed the dead hand in the beginning of the show was wearing Jack’s plaid shirt…. the Ryan brother was wearing a blue shirt over a black one with the sleeves rolled up… so WTF!?! I had to rewatch just to make sure I was right, before commenting, & I also am angry at why he would choose to blow up the boat killing himself… that makes no sense!! I love this show, but that was sloppy on their part!!

  • Whit


    Thanks for the shout-out :-D

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that immediately though of Jack and Rose, I almost expected them to play “My heart will go on.”

    In the weeks to come, I hope we get more insight into Jack’s life without Eamanda, because this is going to suck for him. They loved each other. They did just have a child together. I’m wondering what role Emily will play in this because Eamanda did tell her to “take care of Jack,” and we all know she’s in love with Jack. So this will get interesting.

    Also, I love the Jolan bromance. When Emily tried to get Nolan to assure her he’d keep Jack safe on the boat, and Nolan replied “It’s Jack, I’d do anything for him.” I literally said, “Ems, girl he’s the only person that loves Jack more than you.”

  • blaqfury

    Ughhh… I guess Aiden is here to stay… They set it up perfectly for him to exit stage right last episode..He irks me so!

    I was sad to see Fauxmanda to go, I particularly care for her in the beginning, but she definitely grew on me. I wish it woulda been Jack instead. Man, he is a clueless character. I also wish Fauxmanda woulda told “Emily” where the real laptop was, she’s gonna need that back. lol

    I again state that Charlotte is the only sane one on this show and I really liking her and Declan at the moment.

    I will still not give up on Daniel. He has an inner struggle going on and I feel in time his need to do what’s right, will win. Here’s hoping for Emily & Daniel!

  • Lulu

    I’m not caught up on Revenge (ack! I know) so I’m skipping past the comments, but Shannon I saw this and thought you would find it as sickly cute as I do. ;) :)

  • janalward

    Ahhh shoutout on PITNB from Shannon!! Made. My. Week.
    Love your blogs and all of your recaps, Shannon! You crack me up all of the time!!!