Beyoncé Claims 1-Year Old Blue Ivy Can Read


Over the weekend, the world was BLESSED by the sight of Blue Ivy Carter, the firstborn child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, as she was formally introduced on Beyoncé‘s HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream. For a few minutes, the world got to see Blue’s hallowed visage as it was beamed on TV sets all around the world. But, before the doc aired on HBO, Beyoncé appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network to talk about the documentary before its debut. During that sit down chat with Oprah, Beyoncé revealed that Blue — who is only 13 months old, mind you — can already read flashcards. I mean, is anyone really surprised that the most blesséd baby on Earth is also a genius who can read?

At 13 months old babies are only just beginning to make sense of the world around them. But Beyonce has revealed that her daughter Blue Ivy is ‘already reading scratchcards’. ‘She is hilarious and she is fire. Lord, am I going to have me a time,’ Beyonce told chatshow host Oprah Winfrey. ‘She’s very smart. She’s already reading flashcards. She’s beautiful.’ Proud Beyonce made her revelation as she talked about her ‘smart’ daughter on an interview to promote her documentary. The one-off Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream offered a rare glimpse into Beyonce’s home life as she shared a number of intimate snaps of herself.

LOL. In other news, Blue Ivy can also do Algebra, rebuild motorcycle engines and can run sub 3-hour marathons. She is also working on a vaccine that cures both cancer and AIDS but it’s not quite finished yet because, Hello, she’s only 13 months old. Oh and I believe she can also fly. I mean … whether or not Blue Ivy can read at 13-months isn’t even the point. The point is, there has never been NOR will there ever be a more special baby in existence than Blue Ivy Carter. It is my hope that this blog will be blessed when Blue Ivy reads these words later today. Amen.


  • Joanna

    You better believe it that little 13 month old Blue Ivy is special ;) No but seriously, the only time I’ve ever seen a child that young reading flash cards was on the infomercial for the reading program “Your Baby Can Read.” Now as a teacher I have had may a discussion with my colleagues about the effectiveness of such a reading program. Most of us agree that this program really doesn’t work in the way that it is advertised. In the typical development of a child speech comes first because the child needs to be able to understand the sounds that letters and words make and be able to say them before making the jump to reading. If Blue Ivy was about 4 or 5 years old and I heard that she could read that would be slightly advanced but not atypical. Each parent thinks their own child is the most remarkable child in the world and Beyonce and Jay-Z are no different. This whole story is funny and awesome all at the same time!

    • Lauren xx

      My first thought was Bey must be using “Your Baby Can Read!” LOL She’ll probably be the first celeb endorsement for it!!

  • sfmom

    Yes Beyonce. We GET IT. Your baby is the speshulist speshul little snowflake that ever lived.
    Tomorrown on ET: “Baby Blue can read and she poops rainbows and unicorns!”

  • Sandy!

    Dafuq is Bey on? Surely, she’s got more than Jesus in her system.
    I know the blessed angel from up above, Blue Ivy, is special and poops sunshine, but seriously. Beyonce, STAHP.

  • Chile please

    She didn’t say Blue could read. She said she uses flash cards and Blue likes them. End of story. What people do to make a headline.

    • @Chile please — “She’s very smart. She’s already reading flashcards.”

  • Steph

    Every upper to upper middle class parent thinks their child is a genius. I am the jerk who gets to tell them their kid is average and then get yelled at and told I don’t know what I’m doing. *Sigh*. The term “average” applies to the majority of the population, you don’t get to be above average just because your parents have more money then they know what to do with.

    • mermaids614

      I don’t think it’s limited to upper and middle class people. I work for social services, around poor people everyday, some of them illiterate. No matter how illiterate or “dumb” they are, they too always seem to think their kids are geniuses. I can’t tell you how many times a week I hear some idiot who can barely speak proper English yelling “she SMAWWT” while beaming with joy. Apparently, all of these dumb people are having genius babies. At one time I was an avid Destiny’s Child and Beyonce fan, these days, not so much. Beyonce’ annoys me now. I’m so over her trying to appear deep. Beyonce is business savvy and she learned that from her parents and Jay Z, but I remember in the early Destiny’s Child days–Beyonce always came across as the dumb one. She wasn’t well-spoken (still isn’t) and she often had the deer in headlights look on her face. She got to the point where she wouldn’t even talk at interviews anymore when she was with the other girls. My point is, she was that way at 17, 20, 22 years old, yet her child is reading flashcards at 13 months??? Even if the child does turn out to be smart, why shouldn’t she? She probably already has 3 nannies who each have master’s degrees from ivy league schools in Education, she will attend the best schools and have tutors, she will have the best doctors and unprocessed foods, she won’t have to worry about things that poor children have to worry about which in turn will allow for extensive comprehension. All celebrity kids should be geniuses but we know that doesn’t always turn out to be the case.

  • Akili

    Not that she needs my defense, Beyonce was misquoted. She said that Blue is smart—she likes books (including the “Blue Ivy Book club” Oprah sent her. She also said Blue is “doing flashcards”. When Oprah replied, “You’re doing flashcards at 13 months.” Beyonce laughed and said “She likes it”

    Clearly SOMEONE has too much time on her hands and watched this interview a couple of times **hangs head**

    • @Akili — But … what about the cancer vaccine? That’s true, right?

    • Akili

      Now that is 100% true. And she doesn’t even need to read to cure it—her tears do all the work ;)

    • @Akili — LOL

  • Iris B

    Misquoted or not, this would not surprise me. I mean, Solange said in an interview that Juelz knows how to speak French. Sheesh. Can I be adopted by this family?

    • Dot

      Well actually that’s not very impressive especially if he was being taught by direct method (which is the way you learn your native language). Her son is something around 9 years old so when I was his age I could speak English (which is not my native language) and my parents are not reach – watching Cartoon Network was “teacher” ;)

  • Ella

    Preschool teacher here. Every parent thinks their child is a flippin genius. I have also known many parents who try and do activities with their kids that are obviously too advanced for them.

  • cutitout

    In her defense, I have children in my own family who could read simple words and identify items in flash cards at 1-2 years old. hell, we got a five year old that reads at a third/4fourth grade level. babies aren’t completely dumb, they just don’t know/understand what they have not been taught. seeing a picture of an apple accompanied by the word spelled out and the sound of the word will eventually end in the child being able to read the word. Unfortunately many parent don’t try until th
    e baby is 3 or 4.

  • JeniLeeSK8

    As a teacher, this kind of thing drives me nuts. If she is “reading” flash cards, she has probably memorized the sight words and cannot actually sound out. Try a random new word Bey. Not one she has memorized. Parents do this allllll the time. Does this irk any other teachers out there?

  • aM

    Any immigrant parent can boast that their child can speak two languages and this is without the advantage of a kijillion dollars. It is out of necessity of moving to a new country to better their lives as they work at low paying jobs nonimmigrant parents don’t want to do!