Watch: There Is Sooo Much Blue Ivy In This Clip From Beyoncé’s ‘Life Is But A Dream’ Documentary


As we all know, last night was a big deal for Beyoncé and for Beyoncé fans. Hell, it was a big deal for non-Beyoncé fans, ’cause even if you don’t love the Queen, you kinda gotta love Blue Ivy! I’m in the middle of watching her full HBO documentary now and it is… um… pretty much what I expected. Like, not a documentary at all… unless you define ‘documentary’ as ‘one person talking about themselves for an hour and a half,’ LMAO. So yeah, it’s all about Bey in Life Is But A Dream, and some of it is just plain wack… but I’m still totally watching! And the best part is, we get more Baby Jay-Z Blue Ivy! Yesterday we saw that awesome picture of Blue and Bey from the doc and now you can watch a whole clip chock-full of baby Blue (who continues to steal directly from her father’s gene pool with little-to-no remorse). I mean, this baby is just the cutest little version of Jay-Z; I can’t deal. Peep the clip above and go HERE to watch the full documentary!


  • Linnea

    I watched the “documentary”… it was Ok, not great.. It was some part of the film i felt became really boring, and some points became too dramatic.. Like when she was preparing for glastonbury.. “I’m not sure if i’m going to make it” .. Really ?

  • Dominic

    That was refreshing. After seeing all the illuminati and devil bullshit that is on the internet about her. Its good to see who she really is. Consipracy theroists dont realize how easy it is to dupe them.

    • Sam

      If you think this is ‘real’, you are wayyyyyy off lol

  • Ella

    As a Christian woman living in a secular world it’s always refreshing to see another Christian woman who has found a balance. She embraces her sexuality, drops the occasional swear word, but she knows her heart belongs to God. I’m not trying to be preachy. I just struggle with the balance myself and am happy to see that it’s doable.

  • Juneh

    She kinda lost me after that whole ‘ God is inside me.. ” kinda stuff. Not a fan of that at all..

  • Megan

    Oh, Beyonce. A 2 minute slow shot through a field up to a tree while talking about giving life to Blue and then the shot comes back down and the field is covered in blue flowers? Ahahaha. But ya know, if making this fulfilled something for her then more power to her.

    • Ella

      Yeah….that was weird, lol.

  • Devonte

    …’scu my language…but was this BISH IN ROLLERS TO GIVE BIRF?!? And…I….am….through….

  • Devonte

    Second, when does she have time to put her hair in freestyle braids and then quickly do whatever to slap on a tight weave that she can sling in people’s faces?!

  • Amanda

    She sounds exactly like my Aunt Trudy after a few rounds of that good stuff. Satdown, Bey!

  • Devonte

    Third (Yes, I’m aware that I said I am through but that was WAY too premature), I’m not sure I liked the way Mrs. C just up and quickly DISMISSED the baby, much in the same manner she DISMISSED Ms. Kelly from the stage at the Superbowl. She was clearly aware of what people REALLY cared about and was intimidated by what was going to outstage the Beyonce show…..smh

  • Kayla

    I respectfully disagree with the comments about this documentary. I mean it wasn’t truly a documentary in a certain sense but I enjoyed the majority of it.

    No matter what Beyonce does people are going to criticize. By choosing to try and have some form of privacy, no matter what she does give now it will always come across as fake. For me the moment that sold me was seeing her with Blue and how clearly in love with her child and being a mother she is. There’s a real woman there and I pity that she struggles with knowing how to share that woman.

  • emily

    Shannon, Iloveyoubut … I want the 6.5 min of my life back. I watched for Blue, and we really needed only about a minute (for anyone else who doesn’t want to waste their time watching this, just fast forward to 5 min.) I’m happy I got to see Blue. The rest is bullshizz as expected.

  • blaqfury

    well maybe i’m in the minority… i didn’t hate the 90 monologue… I mean there were definitely some eye rolling moments.. (i.e. how she was hair and makeup ready for all of her middle of the night video logs). I didn’t expect much. I definitely knew there wasn’t going to be anything negative about her, so I didn’t expect that. I got pretty much what I thought would air.

    And can I just say… how Blue Ivy’s eyebrow game is fierce… i just kept looking at them like wow, they look professionally done!

    • @blaqfury — “how Blue Ivy’s eyebrow game is fierce… i just kept looking at them like wow, they look professionally done!”

      I mean … she wouldn’t really fix her baby’s eyebrows … would she????

    • blaqfury

      seriously?!?! you think? no way! wait, would she? no no no way… not to a baby… oh lawrd, i hope not… i can’t even fathom…

  • JEM

    *I agree, this wasn’t a real doc. Her comments seemed a bit staged.
    We still don’t know who she is as a person. What are her hobbies? What does her home look like? etc.
    Most of the stuff was old footage, or stuff already in the media. She didn’t mention how her dad had a baby w/another woman…maybe that’s why she felt so wounded. Just saying