Paris Jackson Debuts New Hair Style On Twitter


See? This is what Twitter is for– fun, frivolous, ‘I got my hair did’ pics. Paris Jackson is drama-free and totally gorgeous in a couple of new Twitter photos, where she’s debuting a new look. The late, great Michael Jackson’s daughter recently traded in her long, brown hair for a shorter, darker ‘do. Click inside for a better look!

Paris Goes Jet Black On Twitter:


E! has the deets:

Michael Jackson’s only daughter debuted a much darker ‘do on Twitter last week, showing off her edgy, chopped locks and newly jet-black hair.

“Yay for tea,” the 14-year-old captioned the shot where she’s holding a bright red coffee mug and flaunting her heavily-layered hairstyle that highlights her beautiful blue eyes.

The new look is definitely a mature one for the late pop sensation’s daughter, who previously sported a simple, same-length style (no choppy layers) and a basic brown color.

And clearly, Miss Jackson is loving her new look. She posted another twitpic where she’s dining out with friends on Valentine’s Day and rocking her chic sideswept bangs.

OMG, that first picture is too cute, right? It’s still hard to believe that Paris is only 14 sometimes, but as long as she’s having fun (and the people close to her remember that she’s still a child), I think she’ll be fine.

What do y’all think of the new look?

  • Sam

    She looks good!

    Question: Is there a reason why there’s always an add that starts playing everytime I open a new link?

    • Sam

      Another Question: Tell me what you think about me? I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings

    • Mark


    • @Sam — Can you send me an email explaining what you are experiencing with the ad? If you could, a screenshot would be helpful. Also, where in the world you are located. Auto-playing audio ads are NOT supposed to be on the site, I’ll do what I can to get this sorted. email: pinkisthenewblog at gmail thank you!!

    • Serenity

      @Trent I wonder if Sam is referring to the Celebuzz videos that show up on the right sidebar? It auto-plays as soon as the pages load for me, too.

  • nicole

    her eyes..just beautiful