‘If It Is A Girl, I’m Naming Her Shannon Throwback,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Wayyy too much awesomeness in PITNB reader comments this week y’all. Too much! We recapped the Grammy Awards, awesome episodes of Revenge and Scandal, and this was also the week we finally, finally looked upon the face of Blue Ivy Carter… only to realize we’d already seen it every time we looked upon the face of Jay-Z. What madness, what wonderful, amazing madness! Click inside for just a handful of the many unforgettable PITNB reader comments from this week.

PITNBr Samantha was basically making babies all over our Throwback Thursday post, which was fine considering that we were counting down some of the best love songs ever. I did, however, have to warn her that PITNB would not be held responsible for the birth of any love children:

I’ll get back to you in 9ish months. If it is a girl, I’m naming her Shannon Throwback. lol

PITNBr Devonte also enjoyed Throwback Thursday… like… a lot:

UGH! Yes! Jill Scott is a Goddess! I love introducing my friends to her and other neo-soul songs….but you totally forgot anything by Robin Thicke!! And no, Jon B. doesn’t count…even though I may or may not have started sweating watching that…I did just workout…no…no I didn’t

PITNBr Jen, like many of you, shared her thoughts on the 2013 Grammy Awards.

First, JT is so dern sexy, it doesn’t even matter that he sounds like the 4th bee gee. Second, an award needs to go to Katy perry’s ample bosoms, for making us small girls jealous. Third, we just need to start losing all of Chris Brown’s invitations in the mail. Ain’t nobody wanna see his ugly face!

PITNBr Shannon (great name, BTW) also had me cracking up with her Grammy thoughts. She pretty much nailed it:

Jack white? It looked like Sweeney Todd and Phaedra from RHOA!

PITNBr Sabrina posted the greatest, most appropriate photo ever in her Grammy recap. She was describing Drake, but this image also precisely described my reaction to Kelly Rowland’s dress, lol:

One of my favorite moments from last night was when J.Lo was walking up to present, the cameras went to Drake and as soon as they did you see Drake say “DAYUM” lol loved it!

Ok, I am going to be a Rihanna hater right now. Her performance was ok, and I am only saying that because she showed up with the douche of the century, Chris Brown. Was I the only one that hated when the cameras kept showing them? Ugh. Ok, I am done now.

PITNBr Sandy! weighed in on the meteor news heard ’round the world. And since I love Russian mob movies (á la David Cronenberg), she had me cracking up with this one:

Scary, but awesome.
Just like Russians

PITNBr Joan also aptly described my initial reaction to the meteor story:

Paralyzing sight. *pees on self*

PITNBr Britney’sBitch, like many of us, was hella confused (and slightly annoyed) over Amanda Bynes’s unforgettable list of ’25 Things You Don’t Know’ about her:

Thank God she told us those things! Now I can move on with my life cuz for the past 2ish years those are the exact questions I kept wondering about!

PITNBr Matthew offered a great critique of Rihanna’s new video for Stay, which he compared to another great video that recently debuted:

I prefer P!nk’s “Just Give Me A Reason”.

Both songs are about trying to mend a relationship. Both songs feature a male vocalist (Nate Ruess from Fun. in P!nk’s duet). Both music videos use water as a main theme.

P!nk has a much more emotive and soulful voice, so her song is stronger IMO. To her credit, Rihanna does the best she can do with what she’s got, and the result was a pretty good ballad.

PITNBr Gillian weighed in on Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie video, which finally debuted this week:

Personally I’m not a big fan of all the smoking he is doing in the video. WE all know it is bad for you and happens to be gross

BUT! Can we please talk about his hair? We all know it is CURLY. Refer to his ‘NSYNC days if you need a refresher. So does this mean he is blowing out his hair everyday? straightening it, brushing it back? what’s going on?

That’s all for now y’all! I’m on my way to finally, finally see Amour, the Oscar-nominated film that I’ve been desperate to check out. Thanks for yet another awesome week here on PITNB!

  • Britney’sBitch

    Hold up, hold up, hold up! I’m featured?! *flips ponytail* Thank you Amanda ♥

  • Samantha

    Gillian! Yes! I miss curly haired JT! Like we could forget all that awesomeness.

  • Sandy!

    I feel like a cool kid in high school!
    YUSS! lol

  • Iris B

    LOL I can’t help but remember Justin’s hair as “ramen noodles.”

  • Sabrina

    Shannon, you have to give out your Instagram & Twitter so I can cyber stalk you…yes that sounded creepy! Luv ya! :)

    • Shannon

      Sabrina, if you can believe it… I’m not on Instagram, lol! But I’m @shannonmhouston on Twitter :)