OMG: A Photo Of 1 Year-Old Blue Ivy Leaks To The Internets From Beyoncé’s Documentary


So. Last night I saw the photo that has now gone super-viral. And as soon as I saw it, I was all like ‘Why are we looking at a picture of Beyoncé holding a baby Jay-Z? Is that even, like, scientifically possible?‘ LMAO. OMG! IT HAPPENED! IT. Happened! Y’all. We now have a photo of the one year-old wonder they call Blue Ivy Carter. Like, her actual, real, live face, sans shadow and, like, pomp & circumstance! Please click inside for a better look at baby Jigga Blue.

Blue Ivy Carter Steals Her Dad’s Face And Claims It For Her Own:


Obviously, I was losing my mind when I saw this last night. I mean, do you realize we had, like, no current pictures of her when we celebrated her birthday last month? LMAO. OMG, I love it.

And I don’t care what anybody says, this little baby is a thief! I thought Jay-Z was supposed to be from Marcy– how’s he gonna let this baby jack him for his whole FACE like that?! LMAO, I’m sorry. But that baby pretty much has Beyoncé‘s nose (maybe), and nothing else. That is Jay-Z, if Jay-Z were a baby girl in a little white frock thing. She even mean mugs like him… if not better.

Anyway, this photo was apparently leaked from Bey’s documentary Life Is But A Dream, which we’ve been hearing lots about. I’m not gonna lie… she got me! I’m def tuning in, and I’m def watching that Oprah interview tonight, if only for one more glimpse at this face. This baby is too much; I love it!

Man, I don’t wanna bring up no old drama, and y’all know I love me some Jay-Z, but I just HAVE to say this: those Jigga genes run strooooooong!

What do y’all think of this picture?! Can you believe it happened?! Do you see, like, any Bey in this baby at all, lol?! As a Mom, I know it’s annoying when people say your child doesn’t look like you so lemme give a quick shouts-out to Beyoncé. Don’t worry, your day will come.

UPDATE: Wait, it looks like her day has come. Someone made this side-by-side of Baby Beyoncé and Baby Blue. It’s totally Bey’s face too, lol:


But I still say that baby has the soul of her papa!

  • Sam

    I was gonna say, she looks like both her parents! Cute baby :)

    • Shannon

      Sam, yeah. That’s definitely a Bey/Jay mash-up. Too cute!

  • Samantha

    This picture of super cuteness is not helping the Baby Fever that I am experiencing this week. um thanks? lol

    • Shannon

      Samantha, LMAO! Between this and the Throwback post, you’re sooo DUNZO!

  • Aisis

    So…I am faaaaaairly certain, and don’t go a’quotin’ me or any such thing, but yeah, uhm…Jay-Z, the creator of many an awesome thing, lit’rally gave birth to little Lady Blue (being rap royalty and all).

    “I wreak havoc on the world
    Get ready for part two
    A younger, smarter faster me
    I saw a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of Bey” –Glory by Papa Jay-Z

    SoI saw tht pic this morning and said, well dang. Bey did ALL of the work, lol…had to put (I’m SO sure she was more than willing to do this *giggles) her career on hold, and yeah, pushed another human out of her body, but that little beautiful darling is 100% her daddy. And yes, she does resemble her mommikins, but seriously, NOT EVEN BY A LONG SHOT when you Pop is in the visual periphery. #word

    So either Jay assumed she’d remain in her mom’s angelically infused beauty-graces or he just wanted Bey to have a little time of, “Awwwww, Papa J (not unlike Mama T and Mama B of L-Word fame…Lurved the show L Worddddddddd!) she looks just like me!” and he not having to feign agreement. Lol.

    (Off to #Scandalville, as I had to post this comment before I delve (do you understand DELVING?!?!?!?!?) into some Scandalicious chatter.

    • Shannon

      Aisis, ‘Bey did ALL of the work had to put… her career on hold, and yeah, pushed another human out of her body, but that little beautiful darling is 100% her daddy’ EXACTLY. That’s why I wanted to give Beyonce a little shouts-out. TRUST me; there’s something a little disrespectful about a baby coming out and looking NOTHING like you (shouts-out to my second-born… LMAO). Like, for real! I put in alllll that werk and you’re just gonna go ahead and look JUST like your DAD?! Oh, okay! I see how it is! LMAO, sorry… this just became about me. But yeah, that ish is cray! My 2 year-old is now starting to get some of his Mommy’s features but OMG, his face wanted nothing to do with mine at first, so I know how *difficult* this time can be. It gets better, Bey. It gets better.

      Aisis, see you in #Scandalville!

    • sfmom

      “TRUST me; there’s something a little disrespectful about a baby coming out and looking NOTHING like you (shouts-out to my second-born… LMAO)”
      HAHA! I love it. My first two did precisely this.

    • Lulu

      LOL.. totally! I have only one mini me. The other two. ppfft. so disrespectful after all I went through. ;)

    • Shannon

      sfmom, what is it with these babies?! We gets no respect sometimes, LOL.

  • nicole

    oh hey little Jay.
    i remember someone saying before that maybe one of the reasons we hadn’t seen the baby was because it looked so much like Jay & Bey wasnt down for that…maybe they were right lol

    • Franki

      OMG! CUTE!!! but yup, Nicole I had said that lol. :)
      She is SO adorable, I would be showing her every chance I got.

    • Shannon

      nicole, I remember folks saying that too. They were right about Blue looking just like Jay, but she’s still crazy cute.

  • muchacha

    Totally looks like her dad – nose, lips, eyes, shape of face…! What a cute kid.

  • rOXy

    I started to say….Bey has had some “werk” done, so it’s difficult to know what she would have looked like naturally. I do see some Beyness in that baby, but behind those eyes, it’s J. She’s already got the empire holding the line.

  • oh no she didn’t

    What a cute little monkey.

  • Krissy

    I was told in a college course that babies tend to look like their fathers more during their first years, as it is natures way to assign paternity (not usually a question who the mother is). Who knows if that is really true, though!

  • Cee

    You kind of think, ok this kid is going to have the most spectacular looking mother, maybe she’ll look more like her day, so you know, the normal people of the world have something to look forward to when they start having kids. And then this, Blue Ivy is seen and she is about the most gorgeous little girl you could see. It’s kind of heartbreaking that everything is so gorgeous in Bey and Jay’s world haha

  • blaqfury

    She is a cutie…..and that’s Jay all day with splashes of Bey

  • Luna

    She looks like baby Jay!!!!

  • apriljan

    Well, being that I didn’t watch that documentary because I’m so Bey’d out.. I truly appreciate this post. Blue Ivy’s real y’all! She’s emerged! Finally.

    Now, about Roselifah’s baby.. that’s who I’ve been waiting for. I’m ready.

  • Folding Gate

    Lovely baby! She’s the next Big Thing for sure!