Snooki Snuggled Up With Lorenzo For Valentine’s Day


It’s been a while since we last checked in on Snooki and baby Lorenzo, and it looks like Lorenzo’s been doing what babies tend to do– getting big. Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a pretty epic Throwback Thursday, and it looks like many of our fave celebs were celebrating as well. Madonna took to Instagram, and Snooki did too. Click inside to see Snooki all booed up with baby!

Snooki & ‘Enzo Do V-Day:


With my beautiful Valentine

He’s huge, right?! And so adorable. You can see he’s starting to lose some of that baby face, and he’s moving on to a whole new state of cuteness, lol. Here’s hoping Lorenzo’s first Valentine’s Day was lots of fun.

  • Brittany

    Being a mom definitely agrees with Snooki. So cute!

  • nicole! ahh i just wanna squeeze him!

  • JT

    gross – everything about her is just gross to me. Always will be too…the fact she’s even posted her is gross and I clicked on her picture just to express my disapproval of how gross she is…