Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


As all of you residents of Scandalville (shouts out to PITNBR Aisis) surely remember from last week; ish has gotten real on our favorite television drama. Shonda Rhimes, our leader, has lost her damn mind! And for that, we love her. Last week’s episode was completely insane, and the recap was insaner. Although nothing can really compare to watching President Fitz DUNZO Judge Verna, last night’s episode was pretty awesome. Click inside for more!


So, one thing that I loved about this episode was seeing the Gladiators back in action. We’ve definitely seen them putting in work, and they even had Olivia as their client a couple of weeks back, but I guess I mean… I kinda missed watching them do clean-up. LMAO! Nobody does clean-up like the Gladiators, and it was just nice to see everyone back together. You know… like a family… that cleans up dead bodies together. Sweetness!

I also loved this plot with Wendy, the ‘story-whore’ (as Harrison so eloquently referred to her, lol). We said it last week, but it needs to be said again– David Rosen cannot win!!! Aghhh!!! He really is the nice guy who keeps finishing last! How sad was it seeing him demoted to the classroom?! I mean, the classroom is an amazing place, but knowing that he was this awesome lawyer who just kept getting screwed over made the Intro. To US Government course look totally abysmal.

Plenty of drama centered around the President, who is strongly considering dabbling in some light-to-heavy alcoholism.  LOL– but it’s not funny! Alcoholism is a disease! And Fitz is just all jacked up. In this episode he pulled further away from Cyrus, and further away from Liv (after getting, like, ridiculously close to her for one scene… like… creepy close), and now he keeps getting closer to Mellie/The Dark Side. I really can’t see this being a good thing.

Oh, and then Olivia met a new guy. Who, like, runs the Pentagon. And likes to ‘people watch.’ OMG, we’ll get to that.

The Top 5 ’YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal:
Season 2, Episode 14: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

1. Fitz Needs A Morning Pick-Me-Up


So this was the moment when we all knew the President was still (ten months after he killed Verna) in a really dark place. He had Mellie bring him a glass of whiskey during his morning shower, and then she decided to… um… further… enhance his morning shower experience with an act which I will now and forever-more refer to as a pick-me-up. LMAO! I couldn’t believe it… and then again, I could. Because it’s Mellie. And Fitz is really ready to let her… um… take the reigns. Oh god, everything I’m writing sounds sexual… because it is. Unfortunately for Fitz (and Mellie too), Cyrus popped up with the inevitable CIA/Middle East drama, so pick-me-up time was cut short. I loved the look on Mellie’s face when she heard Cy at the door (and I love that Fitz just kept drinking):


And honestly? I was glad they had to, um, move on to other things. It really sucks to see Fitz doing stuff with his wife, lol!

Quote It: I thought you could use a little morning pick-me-up.

2. Is Quinn The New Huck?

The David Rosen situation was really interesting in this episode. First, he had to turn to Olivia Pope & Associates, the last people in the world he’d ever want to turn to; but what else can you do when you wake up next to a bloody corpse and you can’t remember what happened ’cause you got roofied? And then we had to watch him kinda go back and forth between trusting Olivia and feeling like she might even be behind it all. Total bummer for him. But Quinn! She was rocking out with Huck during clean-up and it was pretty intense! Methinks we have a little Huck-in-training, and I can only imagine what that means for future episodes.

Quote It: Because that’s what I am. A stabber. Give me a knife and I’ll stab anything. Oh, how I love to stab. (David)

3. Mellie Says ‘It Was Cyrus’


First of all, can we talk about how Mellie wasn’t kidding at all when she said that she didn’t like babies?! OMG, when Fitz was playing with their little one, she wanted NO parts of that movement!

Quote It: He can play with that baby for hours; I don’t know how he does it. (Mellie)

‘That baby’??? Really, Mellie? LMAO, I love it. Then came the car ride we will never forget. I don’t know why, for like two seconds, I thought Mellie was kinda gonna keep it real with Pres. I thought she was going to actually admit to playing equal parts in the Defiance movement, but why the hell would I mislead myself like that? When she brought up the fact that Fitz was pulling away from Cyrus, she went on to say that he was, in fact, right to distrust Cyrus. Because It Was Cyrus. OMG. For reals? Not only that, but she went on to say that Cyrus pushed everyone, including her, to steal the election… and so Fitz should totally trust her. Riiiiiight. And because, as I pointed out after the last episode, Fitz is in such a friggen dark place, he’s pretty much happy to go along with whatever Mellie suggests. Not a good look!

Quote It: You are the President. Any call you make is right.

4. Fitz & Olivia Go Half On A Godbaby

Okay, really though. Who decided to make Olivia and Fitz the godparents? This is crazy! And I don’t want Baby Ella caught up in none of their drama, lol! No, seriously. That baby is too cute. And, while I thought something was gonna pop off betwixt Liv & Fitz at the baby’s christening, I was not prepared for the angry sex scene to end all angry sex scenes.


Ummmmmm yeah. My bff lit’rally said after watching this scene she couldn’t wait to go listen to Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 Foot track, for the sole purpose of hearing these lyrics:

Never met the b— but I f— her like I missed her.

LMAO… in case you were curious as to what Weezy meant by that (and shouts out to Cory Gunz). Liv and Fitz’s angry sex scene is the definition of ‘f— her like I missed her.’ And for that, we thank you Mr. President. Unfortunately, he was pretty awful as soon as they stepped out of whatever the hell that room was.

Quote It: I may not be able to control my erections around you, but that does not mean I want you. We. Are done.

5. When People Watching Goes Wrong


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I mean. Okay. I loooove people watching as much as the next creep, but this is on a whole ‘nother level! Whoever this guy is, I cannot stand him and he needs to back the eff away from Olivia! OMG! Now I didn’t watch Felicity so I don’t know what this guy’s all about, but he gotsta go! Ladies! Never, ever, evereverevereverevereverever trust a dude you met in a coffee shop! Never! If that’s how you met your husband, I’m sorry, but you need to pack your ish and come stay with me for a minute, lmao! No, but seriously. Why/how is this guy spying on Olivia? We already know he’s connected to Wendy’s whole storyline, so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that he’s the one who wanted that Defiance info (it seems like he’s also related to this mole issue that Cyrus and Fitz ran into). Although, that still doesn’t tell us who killed her, but whatever. This guy is bad news. And I’m just hoping that Olivia knows exactly what she’s doing. Something tells me that she does, and that she’s not really about to rebound with a guy who’s connected to such a huge case. I dunno, man.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the episode! Looks like Shonda knows exactly how to keep the momentum going over here. Definitely pumped for next week!

P.S. Looooooved Olivia’s hair this week. She reigns.

UPDATE: Shonda Rhimes is, apparently, OBSESSED with our very own PITNBr Carl. She totally retweeted him last night and we all need to make a big deal about it! Shonda had tweeted something about how choosing the Scandal babies (Teddy and Ella) almost made her ovaries explode, which is hilarious. But the Queen had to bow down when PITNBr Carl tweeted some more hilariousness back at her:

Congratulations Carl! You rock! So glad Shonda’s catching on to what we already knew, lol ;)

  • Samantha

    um, I felt like I needed a cigarette after that angry sex scene.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, LOL. You and me both. One of many Scandal moments where I was like, ‘OMG, they can put this on TV?!?!?!’

  • Carl

    I am right there with you, Samantha!

    Okay, so I can’t comment too much because I need to re-watch the episode. I still need SO much time to process. But I WILL be back with my thoughts once I can get them in order. That being said, I have 2 things to get off my chest.

    1) I was retweeted by the Queen herself. Yes, Miss Shonda Rhimes retweeted MY post! I about died! Check it out on her profile Shannon, it’s the comment about ovaries. I also think we should follow each other on twitter so we can discuss this craziness as it’s happening (and hello, with the Scandal cast!)….my night was pretty much made. Scratch that, my year.

    2) Tony Goldwyn is hot. That’s really all I have to say about that. Good lord.

    • Shannon

      Carl, I am so happy for you! The retweet has been forever immortalized in the recap.

    • Carl

      Okay, so I just re-watched it and I’m just as blown away as I was the first time! Shonda is KILLING me, and I love every second of it. First, I have to say that I can only think of Scott Foley as the killer in Scream 3, so he’s always a creep to me regardless of what he does. But he definitely moved to a whole new level of creeperville with this move. It’s very Big Brother, just skeevy as all get out. And poor Liv has no clue that she’s the star of her very own demented reality show!

      Mellie is just….well, she’s just Mellie. And I can’t help but love her for it. She’s such a delicious character, and the things that come out of her mouth are just so incredibly “WTF?!” worthy. Bitch has no conscience AND no filter, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of her mouth next.

      Angry sex….I have no words. Oy. Well, I guess that’s the word I have for it. Still need that cigarette!

      And I’m a HUGE fan of Team #HuckleberryQuinn I absolutely love those two together! Here’s hoping that there are many, many more scenes with them together in the future. “You’re a natural”, followed up by Quinn’s tiny smile….priceless.

  • nicole

    when Huck & Quinn are together..i just love it. they make a great pair lol.
    during the angry sex scene i was all like ‘well damn Mr Prez’ – but then he went and acted like a douche and i was over it.
    but the turn this whole episode took, from the dead girl in David’s bed to the guy watching Liv..just amazing.

    p.s – i love that even Liv’s swimsuits are white.

    • Shannon

      nicole, Twitter was goin’ cray over Liv’s swimsuit, lol! She’s so ridiculously fly. And I really hope we see more of Huck & Quinn together.

  • alicia

    sweet jesus h christ this episode ROCKED

    • Shannon

      alicia, yes. Exactly. You’d think we’d be used to it now, but every time it’s like the first, lol!

  • Thomas

    @Alicia – AGREED. The momentum is still going – Scandal is one of the best dramas on TV right now.

    @Carl – congrats on the tweet! So exciting!

    I love Scott Foley – hate his character but am so excited to see where this goes. Scandal never has a shortage of interesting mysteries. Poor David – he can’t catch a break.

    I loved how the theme of trust ran through this episode: David’s trust of Olivia & the gladiators; Olivia & Jake’s conversation in his office about not revealing info/at the coffee shop, not saying what they really do; Mellie & Fitz’s trust in each other; Fitz’s distrust of Cyrus. it made for a really strong thematic episode.

    I was watching the shower scene with Mellie and Fitz when my Mom walked in the room. Awkward! And that angry sex scene, WOW. The chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn is off the charts. However I kinda love Fitz & Mellie too. Side note: how have we not seen their other two kids yet?! I mean their father almost DIED!!!!

    Kerry Washinton is like Ashley on Revenge – that girl has got style. Loved Olivia’s hair for some reason in this episode.

    One of the best things about recaps is reading everyone’s comments! :)

    • Shannon

      Thomas, I think it’s hilarious that we have yet to see this other mystery children, lol.

      And I love that you picked up on that theme of trust. We really got to see how it is the foundation of everything.

      OMG, I would love for Ashley to get herself a little cameo on ‘Scandal’! Agh! NO, no. It’d be too much. I’d lose it.

  • RonRontb22

    This episode was simply Cray cray!!! Like when I saw my Scott from Felicity being all stalker-ish I totally flipped my ish! Also can we say that Mellie is a total opportunist with every right! She’s making sure she rides that prized horse all the way to the end.
    And what’s with all the stand up sex in this show? LOL is DC short of beds? CAN’T WAIT TO THE NEXT EPISODE. And

    On another note does anyone watch The Good Wife over on CBS?

    • blaqfury

      “On another note does anyone watch The Good Wife over on CBS?”

      -Absolutely Yes!. One of the greatest and intelligently written shows EVER!

    • RonRontb22

      YEESSSS! It is just pure brillz! I find myself like Scandal rewinding scenes just out of pure awe-ness factor.

    • Shannon

      RonRontb22, ‘is DC short of beds?’ LMAO! Beds?! Ain’t nobody got time fa dat! This is ‘Scandal’, lol!

      And I knew blaqfury was gonna be all over your ‘Good Wife’ comment– she actually put me on to the show so I watch too now and YES. It is bomb.

  • blaqfury

    My goodness! Fitz is a murderer, adulterer and borderline alcoholic but yet has the NERVE to judge others so harshly. Glass houses Fitz… glass houses. He’s still talking sideways to Liv, and she just lets him… she’s not as strong as she portrays.
    And how can Fitz go from the most passionate sex scene to the absolute driest.. is there any passion left in that marriage?

    Olivia broke David… she needs to fix him. It’s sad, he’s done nothing wrong and he’s broken… it’s her fault. She needs to right that wrong.

    What can i say about Mellie, she will always be Mellie.. That’s my girl… I’ma need her to love her children a bit more though. Never miss an opportunity to manipulate.

    I like where this is going with Huck & Quinn… I felt that they really didn’t know what to do with her after her trial was over and she was just there… but this, this I can get behind. Huck can be her mentor…to uh… learn how to .. umm.. kill people? Hmm… I should probably word that differently.

    Pentagon guy? wow Shonda… never a dull moment, I swear!

    • nicole

      @blaqfury – i think in this episode, Liv realized how bad it got for David. when he asked how much he owed her, i dont think she wanted to walk away, she wants to help. and i think she will help with or without his cooperation.

    • RonRontb22

      Oh I forgot to mention this, I’m saying it now! I think David will and should become one of the Gladiators! He has the education and ambition! Just sayin’ y’all.

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, I love that you talk about how Olivia is not as strong as she sometimes acts. When she gave that speech to Abby about how to get over a lover, I had to kind of roll my eyes ’cause it’s like, ‘C’mon Liv. You know that ish ain’t workin for you!’ LOL. But again, that’s what I love about Shonda’s characters. Recently people were coming at her on Twitter (namely Star Jones) about Olivia Pope’s flaws as a woman (Jones also brought up race and the infidelity issue), and Shonda made this great statement about how Olivia Pope is NOT a role model; she’s a flawed character. I love that!

  • Halli

    So Shonda has made me love Huck…she’s made me love an assassin…

    I wanted to punch Mellie in the face when she told Fitz how horrible Cyrus is. She’s just evil…she really is. Manipulative Bi**h.

    Scott Foley’s character is SO creepy. I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes.

    David…poor David, he’s made to look so pathetic. He didn’t do anything wrong but find out about Defiance and his whole life is falling apart.

    So, Shonda totally did it again…can’t wait til next week.

  • bleedingEars

    Best line of the night from Olivia, when talking to Abbey:

    ” Work helps. So does exercise. Stuff that numbs you, keeps you from thinking too much. Dating also helps, but, it also helps to remember that he hates you and it helps to try to hate him too.”

    • bleedingEars

      And I just want to point out the best song choice ever for that explosive scene between Olivia and Fitz:

    • bleedingEars

      And I just want to point out the best song choice ever for that explosive scene between Olivia and Fitz:

      Stevie Wonder’s ‘Don’t know why I love you’

  • Elizabeth Whitehill

    i really dont have anything to say about the episode that hasnt already been said….and i agree with thomas, what about their other kids?
    poor david, im really starting to feel sorry for him, mayb its time to get out of dc??
    mellie…..f*ckin mellie man….did anyone else notice while in the limo naming names she never once said hollis??? not that hollis started it, but hollis in general. that name was never in her mouth

    • TONI T.

      Good point about Hollis. Because he was the one who came up with the idea in the first place and had a plan in place to make it happen.

  • Kim-E

    I agree that David will become a gladiator but I don’t think he will be in the hive. He has the contacts to make things happen outside and they can go to him. I think he’ll be a gladiator watcher like meet at a bar with conspiracy theorists and they have a room there with yarn connecting photos and news article and he’s king among the crazies because he has truth that makes them sane.

    Which makes him have to meet up with the gladiators from time to time. Liv has no clue and when he brings in clients she’s wishing him well and trying to get him work all while he’s getting revenge.

    Much better plot line I think.

  • Absurdist

    The thing is, Mellie has TWO OTHER CHILDREN. That came from a presumably happier time with Fitz. That she presumably LIKES.

    So Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

  • Absurdist

    Umm, also: PLOT HOLE?

    Olivia is in the business she’s in. Apparently she hasn’t had Huck do a bug sweep of her apartment lately, no?

    SO NOT HAPPENING, even in fictional reality. No one as on top of her bidness is being spied on without knowing about it. C’mon, Shonda, we’re not that stupid.