Watch: The ‘Scream & Shout (Remix)’ Video Leaks To The Internets Early


For the past couple of days we’ve been seeing photo teasers from the new Scream & Shout (Remix) music video that was supposedly due for release tomorrow on BET. But, shock of shocks, the new video by Britney Spears and (which also features appearances by Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, P. Diddy and Lil’ Wayne) somehow managed to leak its way to the Internets a day early. While our dear Britney isn’t featured in the music video all that much, she does make appearances thruout so it’s worth watching all the way thru. When she grabs that high pony tail and pulls it straight up, you know she ain’t f*cking around. Check out the NSFW video above and see what you think. Oh and don’t forget to turn, turn it up.

  • cupcakes in the pocket

    wish it was just britney. christ that was awful…

  • JM

    I love this. I sorta missed the days when Diddy was on everyone’s track just doing cray cameos. It’s on repppeeeaaaat over here.

  • Sandy!

    Not gonna lie, I love Hoodney

    • Sandy!

      And seriously, look at her legs! omg
      She looks like she could give someone a beatdown any second.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Britney looks amazing in this!! Definitely steals the video. And her high ponytail is EVERYTHING!

  • Katy

    Despite my immense love of Britney, I feel stupider having watched that “super black man remix.”

  • Stehen

    We’re talking about a ponytail as the best thing in this video. That’s sad. It’s a pony tail. 4 year old girls have them. And it’s not even her own hair. The original of this song is better and already sounds like a remix. This version was a vanity project for Will.I.Am to see how many names he can get on his song, nothing more. Pointless.

  • nicole

    this is just horrible. theres nothing really good about it. you know..Diddy makes some of the best clubs songs out there, and when he cant make it better, you know its just a lost cause.
    (and i totally agree with JM, i kinda miss the days of Puffy/P.Diddy/Puff/Puff Daddy)

  • Megan

    I love that Britney has never really shown any interest in Hip Hop music and says she knows nothing about rap during the XFactor auditions but the Hip Hop world still wants a piece of her! Her ponytail and that Adidas hoodie are everything

  • Britney’sBitch

    She definitely does steal the video. No matter how many names you put in somebodys song, if you put Britney next to them it’s gonna be Britney feat….all of them.
    I didn’t really like the remix that much but the video kinda made me like it a bit more.

    The top, the ponytail, the legs, the attitude….I’m in love with Swagney!

    • @Britney’sBitch — LIVING FOR SWAGNEY :)

  • marcus_em

    ok so I live for Britney , her high pony and that amazing skin baring adidas track suit.. HOWEVER lol I feel like its blatantly obvious brit brit was not actually in the same room with these guys lol and was added in after the fact .. i can see it now britney in a studio by herself and the director says “ok look gangsta, whip ur high pony and then hold it up like ur a dominatrix” the song is meh , i think its cool to blend genre’s tho , i love when britney gets gangsta alla her with ying yang twins “I’ve got that Boom Boom” i could also stare at britney sleeping for 12 hours and live for it.. so my opinion might be biased..

    • @marcus_em — I believe everyone filmed their scenes individually and were pasted together.

  • rOXy

    I loved it! I wasn’t big on the remix, but I loved this vid. They were having some fun! I laughed when Lil’ Wayne popped up, “Hai….” I am not a fan, but he was tolerable in this version and vid as he was much less soggy. Flocka = mmmm!

  • D-

    This makes me want to scream and shout from how terrible it is.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    “Super Black Man Remix” is exactly what it is. It feels so stereotyped. I’m almost wondering if it meant to be a parody remix. I don’t hate it but I don’t exactly love it.

  • Devonte

    Only watched this for Britney and the intro that featured her the most…was EVERYTHING! I LOVE HOODNEY!!!!!

  • Sara Blocker

    Im not going to make the obvious ‘blacks on blondes’ porn jokes… but someone really should.

    NO, instead I’m going to say that Dittys hell-o AWKWARD use of the word “bitch” sounded down right effin’ lame. I mean really really lame. Leave the bitch flingin’ to us grrls and queens.

    *2 big thumbs down*