Watch: Justin Timberlake Releases The Official Music Video For ‘Suit & Tie,’ Featuring Jay-Z


Oh, right. Like you’re totally gonna pause to read this before you press ‘play.’ LMAO. IT’S HERE!!! And in the event that you’re not already lost in the David Fincher-directed world of Justin Timberlake’s highly-anticipated, official video for Suit & Tie, here are some of my initial thoughts: 1.) Um, it’s awesome, 2.) It’s also kinda what we expected, having seen the lyric video and the Grammy performance, 3.) Jay-Z’s in it, being very Jay-Z, and since he’s so effing good at that, I have no real complaints, 4.) Did you see those skrippers/burlesque dancers/skrippers?! Gotta love it. Peep the video for more! Are you in love? And damn, Justin really knows what he’s doing– dropping this on V-Day and all. Nice!


  • ClaireMichelle

    I am obsessed. JT and Jay-Z just ooze sexiness. And have so much swag, Justin Bieber has to be crying in a corner with envy.

  • James

    I feel like people really need to get of Justin Beiber’s back, lol. I mean, I’m not his fan, but honestly Justin TImberlake dressed the same way and was just as immature when he was 18. Justin Timberlake went on Barbara Walters and pretty much told the world that he took Britney Spears’ virginity after they broke up, so I’d say Beiber is handling his breakup better. No matter how much a suit costs, you can’t buy class. After all, this is the guy who brought us “SexyBack,” “Sexy Ladies,” “Love Stoned”, “FutureSexLoveSounds” “Love Sex and Magic,” and he compared women to take out food in “Carry Out.” And let’s not forget that Superbowl half time show, and the way he threw Janet under the bus afterwards.
    Side note, the song is still awful. I like Jay Z though.

    • ClaireMichelle

      I was simply referring to how I see this as “swag” and not what Justin Bieber puts out there. Not saying JT never dressed like that or anything, I’m just saying this is much better. I wouldn’t bring up Bieber and his swag if he didn’t talk about how much of it he had! No hate!

    • Louigi12

      Couldn’t agree more, James.

  • Gillian

    Personally I’m not a big fan of all the smoking he is doing in the video. WE all know it is bad for you and happens to be gross

    BUT! Can we please talk about his hair? We all know it is CURLY. Refer to his ‘NSYNC days if you need a refresher. So does this mean he is blowing out his hair everyday? straightening it, brushing it back? what’s going on?

    • Sandy!

      I’ve been wondering the same thing as well.
      What is this sorcery?! And can he share? Because my curls are crazy

  • nicole

    L-O-V-E. seriously..March 19th cant get here soon enough

  • apriljan

    Man. He’s just.. wow.

  • Sabrina

    Such a great Valentine’s Day gift! AHHH I love it.

  • Sheradan

    *Swoon* Still got it. Great video.

  • Ella

    I loved it. It’s not my favorite song of his, but I see how they were nodding a bit to the Rat Pack. Gotta love a guy who can dance too.

  • Ariel Echeverria

    this song is sooo robin thicke!! and the video not what i expected but i kinda like it!!

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    Me likey!!!!! :)