Listen: Azealia Banks Offers Up Her Remix Of ‘Harlem Shake’

PLUS Check out THE BEST 'Harlem Shake' Meme Video OF ALL TIME

So, as you may have noticed in the past few days, a new Internet meme has been making the rounds called Harlem Shake (based on the song of the same name). Essentially, these videos feature one person (usually wearing a helmet) dancing amidst a group of other people who seem to be paying no attention … then when the beat drops, everyone in the video (usually costumed) starts dancing around. Rapper Azealia Banks has recorded her own remix version of Harlem Shake … tho, she offers no video to go along with it :( Thankfully, the University of Georgia‘s Men’s Swim & Dive Team has released THE BEST Harlem Shake video of all time … filmed completely underwater. Click below to hear Azealia‘s remix and check out the UGA swimmers in action.

First up, Azealia‘s own Harlem Shake video:

Then the best Harlem Shake video of all time:

Amazing, amazing! I don’t particularly love the original Harlem Shake song so Azealia‘s remix is pretty dope. The video made by the guys at UGA just win this meme, hands down. I’ve seen a few videos and many of them are entertaining but this one just wins. What do y’all think of this Internet meme gone crazy? Have you seen a better video, in your humble opinion? If so, please share it below.


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  1. Sam

    The beat totally suits her!!

  2. JM

    Ha! That video is exactly what I needed to see on this Friday morning. Love it!

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