Here Are 30 Throwback Love Songs That Will Never, Ever Get Old


Here’s my thing about Valentine’s Day. Um. I don’t get it (which is why I’m celebrating V-Day). Is it about love? Is it about sex? Or capitalism (yeah, probably capitalism)? Is it an excuse to look at hot guys? Another day to make single people feel like ish? Or an awesome holiday because it involves the glory that is chocolate? Well, this Valentine’s Day was hilarious for me, since it was the first year I had a child in school, and it involved taking my son to the store so he could pick out a box of cards for his classmates (he chose… duh… the Superhero collection) and flowers for his teachers. BTW, he has four teachers, so by the time we got to the third bouquet, I lit’rally had to ask the store clerk if they could, like, separate some of the flowers out and make a fourth bouquet for me and my budget. LMAO! It’s Valentine’s Day y’all! Click inside for some Throwback jams that I hope you miss and love as much as I do!

Irregardless of your relationship status, it’s an awesome day to listen to some Throwback jams about lurve. And since my definition of lurve is very loose (and, apparently, involves a lot of… um… sex), this Throwback list is kind of all over the place. And I tried reealllly hard to stick to one song by each artist, otherwise this list would have had 72 songs instead of 30. Anyway, y’all know me… so there’s definitely a Lil Wayne track, and there’s definitely a Jon B. track, and then there’s definitely a song by 2Pac called Rather Be Ya N—-. LMAO, yeah… no. I really need to work on my definition of lurve. I’m gonna go read Corinthians 13, and then I’m gonna come back and join y’all in here. Happy Valentine’s Day, PITNBrs!

Also, please see our Throwback Aaliyah post, which could also double for a Throwback Valentine’s Day post as well, depending on your mood :)

30 Throwback Love Songs That Will Never, Ever Get Old

1. D’Angelo, Untitled (How Does It Feel)
You’re welcome:


2. Lauryn Hill Feat. D’Angelo, Nothing Even Matters
Sigh. Nobody talk to meeeee:


3. TLC, Red Light Special
See? I totally think love and sex are the same! LMAO. God help me:


4. Mariah Carey, Always Be My Baby
I know, I know. There are, like, 52 Mimi songs I could have picked. But this one brings me back to elementary school. Shouts-out to Jonathan Alexis. I’m pretty sure I convinced myself that this song was about our very intense, very real, very 5th grade love affair:


5. DMX, How’s It Goin’ Down
Because I’m obviously going to put a DMX song after the Mariah Carey song. And because my love for DMX knew no bounds… in 1998:


6. Immature, Never Lie (Remix)
Yes, PITNBr Tina G. The Immature Throwback Thursday post is coming soon, lol! Hope this holds you over in the meantime. You can watch the Throwback video HERE:


7. Janet Jackson, Feat. Blackstreet, I Get So Lonely
Because if you’ve never been lonely, you’ve probably never been in lurve. Real talk. Aghhhh:


8. Corinne Bailey Rae, Just Like A Star
Everybody shut up please. Corinne Bailey Rae is singing. Kthanksbye:


9. Jill Scott, He Loves Me
Remember Neo-Soul AKA good music? Sigh:


10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Maps
I’m not gonna front. I just heard this recently… and by ‘recently’ I mean a few minutes ago after I got lost in YouTube vortex. But I’m pretty sure this is a love song. And I’m pretty sure I love it:


You know you want to keep jamming! More Throwback Lurve on the next page!

  • nicole

    ‘Untilted’ – still the hottest video ever.
    ‘Red Light Special’ – never gets old.
    ‘Always Be My Baby’ – favorite Mimi song. – even though it makes me feel bitter
    ‘I Get So Lonely’ – please believe i STILL know all the dance moves.
    ‘Crush’ – totally forgot about that song!

    • Shannon

      nicole, I’m glad you said that about Untitled. Because I really think that’s, like, a scientific fact. That really is the hottest video of all time. That’s it.

  • nicole

    p.s i totally love when you make these lists! theres always a few songs i forgot about. :)

  • Jennifer Wilson

    is that a song from space jam? that makes me think of the kid president pep talk video and it makes me wanna have the world as my valentine.

    also, what about pixies la la love you? i la la love that song!

    thanks for the list, shannon! xx

    • Shannon

      Jennifer Wilson, LMAO! Yes, Monica’s ‘For You I Will’ was def on the ‘Space Jam’ soundtrack. And I’m SO glad you posted the Kid Pres. video because I’d never seen it, although I remember the day eeeeverybody was posting it, lol!

      And here’s Pixies!
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

  • emily

    Shannon! Watching 6 min of Mos Def in You Don’t Know My Name looking all sultry actually made me drool. It did other things too, but let’s keep this family friendly. Mos Def, you DO know my name, and it’s the future Mrs. Def.

    • emily

      and girl, I just love you for
      Common – The Light – this man doesn’t get enough credit. He’s going to be the best man at Mos Def’s and my wedding. Talib Kweli will MC.
      Beenie Man & Sean Paul – LOL, dancehall reggae is not exactly known for its romance, but as a former reggae DJ I wholeheartedly approve.
      Erykah Badu w/Stephen Marley – oh lawd I can’t get enough
      Jill Scott – bow down to the goddess herself
      DMX – LMAO – THIS is what Valentine’s is about. Beautiful booty shot and all.

    • Shannon

      emily, so glad you enjoyed your moment with Mos Def, and thanks for keeping things PG over here ;)

      ‘a former reggae DJ’???? Okay, we need to talk. Because a Throwback Reggae post is totally going down.

    • emily

      Oh Shannon, yes, reggae is my first love and I had a reggae radio show in Boston for awhile. I got to host a concert with Toots and the Maytals and hung out with them backstage, Luciano too. Best times of my life. OK, shameless self promotion over, just wanted to share a love appropriate reggae song – Buju Banton, Pensive Mood: (I requested this when interviewing him, and he politely obliged with a live, a cappella verse. Sigh.) Throwback Reggae YES PLEASE!

    • Shannon

      emily, stop with the Buju Banton references– I may have to wife you up, lol! WHAAAATTTTT?!?! And now I know why/how you called me out on that Volkswagen post. LOL!

    • emily
  • Devonte

    UGH! Yes! Jill Scott is a Goddess! I love introducing my friends to her and other neo-soul songs….but you totally forgot anything by Robin Thicke!! And no, Jon B. doesn’t count…even though I may or may not have started sweating watching that…I did just workout…no…no I didn’t

    • Shannon

      Devonte, LOL. Glad you liked the Jon B., but you’re right.

      Happy Valentine’s Day– I am lost without your comments on here <3

      [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

    • Jstar


  • Megan

    I think I listened to Always Be My Baby on repeat for so long that my brain blanked it out of my brain as revenge once the listening binge had ended…definitely my favourite Mariah song (Fantasy does come close though!)…I think it’s time it went back on my iPod!!!

    • Shannon

      Megan, sighhh. LOVE ‘Fantasy.’ We’ll have to do a Throwback Mimi post soon :)

    • Megan

      I would be all over that post! It would HAVE to include Heartbreaker but the video with Jay-Z in the giant bath tub!

  • Krissy

    I hate the Valentine’s thing. I tell my boyfriend NOT to do anything for me, because I just feel it is wrong. I get so sad when I see people buying flowers for their significant other on this day…they jack the price up like 500%!

    If I am going to be romantically spoiled, I would rather have it done on our anniversary, or my birthday, or best yet…out of the blue. Then it is about us for real, and not a silly obligation to Hallmark.

    • Krissy

      Oh, and great selections Shannon! Especially love “Maps” and “I Get So Lonely”.

    • Shannon

      Krissy, I can really appreciate your V-Day philosophy. So glad you enjoyed the post!

  • blaqfury

    Great list… totally forgot about Jon B… how could I have forgotten about Jon B?!?!
    But if love and sex go hand in hand, you missed the master of love(sex) songs… Mr. Make Them Panties Melt aka. Maxwell

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, you’re so right!
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

  • Samantha

    Baby making music. yup

    • Shannon

      Samantha, PITNB cannot be held responsible for any love children conceived as a direct or indirect result of this post ;)

    • Samantha

      I’ll get back to you in 9ish months. If it is a girl, I’m naming her Shannon Throwback. lol

    • @Samantha — LOL

    • Shannon

      Samantha, LOLOLOLOL! Agh, I love it!

  • pufinstuf

    Great list. IRREGARDLESS of the lack of Prince. LOL.

  • Monicaaa

    Dear Shannon-
    I thought I couldn’t love you anymore after you said you were a Fiona Apple fan. Then you quoted Audre Lorde one time and my heart swelled even bigger with love. THEN you got on board Trent’s Britney love train and my heart almost burst with love. And NOW you are shouting out my favorite Idol contestant ever (who no one in my life has even heard of) David Archuleta??

    Keep this up and I’ll be on your doorstep proposing pretty soon!

    Thank you for being so fabulous! xo

    • Shannon

      Monicaaa, OMG you caught the Audre Lorde quote!!! LOL, that was so long ago, but I totally know exactly what you’re talking about (I have to remind myself all the time that you can’t dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools).

      Anyway, thanks so much for this lil’ love note. So glad you now have at least one other David Archuleta fan in your midst. That song is the truth, lol

  • LaurenL

    Dr Shannon prescribed some good music to lift my spirits, cured!!!

    • Shannon

      LaurenL, LOL! So happy to hear that :)

  • Lexie

    I watched that “Untitled” video at a VERY young age, and it def had an impact on my attractions growing up!!!! ;)

  • Sam

    I remember watching that untitled video by D’Angelo way back in the day. It made me realize that you don’t have to hop in the shower to get wet.

  • Remona

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped me. Kudos!