Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases Christoph Waltz Promo Videos


So, I know I say this pretty much every time I post a Saturday Night Live promo video that features the host of the week but this time I really mean it … I really hope this week’s ep of SNL is funny because I don’t think I can take the mediocrity anymore. To be honest, I didn’t totally dislike last week’s episode with Justin Bieber as host (and musical guest, but I FFWed thru his performances so I can’t really comment on that) but I have high hopes that this week’s host, Christoph Waltz, will really bring the LULz. Waltz is a superb actor and I’m very curious to see how he will fare on SNL. The bits featured in these promo videos aren’t all that hilarious but they’re entertaining, mainly because I love Christoph Waltz in anything so … I’m looking forward to this week’s ep. Are you?

  • nicole

    those writers better bring their A game for Waltz and give him something to work with.

  • Rani

    You must watch the bewteen two ferns oscar buzz episode, Christoph it’s amazing in it and gives me hope of his SNL show, the best moment is when Zach asked him when does he say the N word more frecuently, in Django or in real life…

  • bleedingEars

    Alabama Shakes is the musical guest. They will bring the awesome regardless of whether or not the writers do.