Albert Brooks Signs On For ‘Finding Nemo 2′


Last July we learned that Disney/Pixar announced plans to move forward with a sequel to the hugely successful film Finding Nemo and a month later we learned that Ellen DeGeneres was being courted to reprise her role as Dory (she said yes). Today we learn that Albert Brooks, the actor who voiced Nemo’s dad in the original film, has finally agreed to reprise his role for Finding Nemo 2. With Brooks on board, production of the sequel can move forward without hesitation.

Albert Brooks has closed a fat deal to reprise the voice Marlin in Finding Nemo 2 for Disney‘s Pixar. The sequel has been long in the works; Deadline told you last July that the studio got the original’s helmer Andrew Stanton back in (I’d heard that the studio will also give him another live-action shot after his disastrous live-action debut on John Carter), and Ellen DeGeneres came back shortly after. It took much longer to hook Brooks, who continued his renaissance as an actor in the Judd Apatow-directed This Is 40, following his turn as bad-ass Bernie Rose in Drive.

It’s funny that Albert Brooks voices such a sweet character as Marlin considering the bad ass, bad guys he usually plays in live action films. I’m quite certain Brooks is getting a huge payday for reprising his Nemo role. On the one hand, I’m worried that a sequel may diminish some of the magic of the original Finding Nemo but, on the other hand, I am reminded that the Toy Story sequels turned out so well that they enhanced the original film and, in regards to the third film, surpassed the original Toy Story. This is good news, I think. If a sequel is on the way, we have to have the same voice actors return. Finding Nemo 2 is on the way, are you excited?


  • Joanna

    I’m very excited that Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are returning. The only concern I have is in the voice of Nemo. If he is still technically a kid they can’t very well use the same voice actor they did ten years ago. That kid is like in his late teens/early 20’s and his voice is very different. I hope they find someone who can do justice to a beloved Disney/Pixar character.