Watch: Rihanna Releases A Music Video For ‘Stay’


Rihanna lays herself bare in the just-released music video for her latest single Stay. As you may know, Ri Ri performed Stay live at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (which some of y’all said was your fave performance of the night) and just a day later the simple but striking music video for the song was released online. Stay is, IMHO, one of Rihanna’s better ballads and I have to admit that I quite like the music video for it’s starkness. Check out the clip and see what you think. Like it or not, Rihanna is gonna do what Rihanna is gonna do. In this instance, she does it right.

  • Megan

    Pffft Britney did the ballad in the bath years ago!

    Seriously though, I love this song and I think it’s the best vocal she has ever done on a song. She kills it when she sings it live.

  • nicole

    the video is nice, but she had the chance to do something really beautiful with this & instead its just another video with Rihanna naked.

    • nicole

      blah..comment pending.

    • @nicole — Honestly, I found the restraint refreshing. Yes, she’s naked but … not as naked as she usually is?

    • nicole

      @Trent – i dont want to take away from the video at all, its clearly one of the more tasteful things shes done recently.

  • Matthew

    I prefer P!nk’s “Just Give Me A Reason”.

    Both songs are about trying to mend a relationship. Both songs feature a male vocalist (Nate Ruess from Fun. in P!nk’s duet). Both music videos use water as a main theme.

    P!nk has a much more emotive and soulful voice, so her song is stronger IMO. To her credit, Rihanna does the best she can do with what she’s got, and the result was a pretty good ballad.

  • Donny

    This is a pretty great video for a few reasons. The starkness is perfect for the song. She’s hardly wearing any makeup at all and there are a lot of close-ups. I think that’s pretty brave. She’s also not really lip syncing but more singing along with the song. It’s different and it works.

    I really don’t understand the comments about her always being “naked.” She has an incredible body so why not? It’s not like it’s vulgar.

  • ganesh

    breathtaking. haunting. i have no words for how deeply this song moves me.

  • Mabel

    Uhm…yes, Rihanna’s naked (tastefully in my opinion) and yeah, it’s a great song… but are you guys missing Mikka’s back muscles showing THROUGH his shirt?? I actually had to pause the video to appreciate this (2:39 for your viewing pleasure).

  • rOXy

    The only thing that could make her more gorgeous is skin unblemished by tattoos. If I looked like her, you’d have a difficult time getting me to put clothes on, so I can’t blame her for seemingly always being nekkid. The elements in this vid are consistently minimalistic and very well done. Thumbs up from me.

  • blaqfury

    Great vid… great song! Lawrd, she is just gorgeous. A lot of people give her slack for not writing her own songs, but I don’t really care, just cause she didn’t write them, doesn’t mean the words have no meaning to her. I’ve never wrote a song in my life, but there are many songs out there I have a connection too (and if i could sing) would perform the hell out of them. So even though she didn’t write it, she performs it like it has deep meaning to her… and I appreciate that…