Justin Timberlake Joins Instagram


Over the weekend we learned that Madonna finally joined Instagram and a day later, Justin Timberlake followed suit. Using his very bizzy Grammy Awards day and concert performance afterward, JT flooded his brand new Instagram account with 22 photos posted in the span of under 24 hours. From his trip to the Staples Center ahead of the Grammy Awards Sunday afternoon to well after his concert at the Hollywood Palladium was over in the wee hours of Monday morning, Justin shared photos of his day and night with his 135k followers on Instagram. Now that’s how you make your debut on a social networking site. Click below to see a few of the photos that JT shared this weekend.

Oh, hey Instagram and Grammy backstage camera crew..headed to stage for soundcheck. / post performance. All smiles here. How did we do? #JTGrammys / Until next time… Goodnight. #jtgrammys

When Madonna joined Instagram on Saturday, she posted 2 photos in one day … and I thought that was impressive. Then a day later, JT posts 22 different and engaging photos to show Maddy how it’s done. I love when celebs share their personal photos like this. It’s a nice way for celebs to share the fun parts of their lives and satisfy the fans’ desire to know their fave celebs better. It’s just a win/win scenario. It might be a good idea to keep an eye on JT’s Instagram account. Now that we know he’s probably going on tour with Jay-Z, I’m sure he’ll have some great photos to share with all of us.


  • Isabelle

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Hot. I think my screen will catch fire if I scroll up to look at those pics one more time.

  • nicole

    well…let me just go hit follow..

  • ClaireMichelle

    I went ahead and followed him as soon as I can and have been “liking” almost all of his pictures like it’s my job. I mean, he knows how to take a damn good picture! ;)

    • ClaireMichelle

      As soon as I could ** Boo.

  • yupitsme

    i love how when it comes to madonna u always manage to throw in some shade. u did the same thing with your post about her joining instagram and how it’s all late and cool anymore. why didnt u say the same thing for justin?

  • apriljan

    @yupitsme … who are you talking about? Because as far as I’m concerned, Trent absolutely lurves the fact that Madonna joined instagram!

    WOOT to JT though. I love that the pics are all black and white!

  • Whit

    This could motivate me to join the dark side…