Helena Bonham Carter Will Play Elizabeth Taylor In A NEWER Biopic


Back in November, Lifetime TV aired a biopic film on the love affair of the late Elizabeth Taylor and her 56th husband Richard Burton which infamously starred Lindsay Lohan in the titular role of Taylor. As you may recall, Liz & Dick was hailed as a tragedy of the highest order. Later this year, BBC will release a biopic film of their own about Elizabeth and Richard, one that will star actress Helena Bonham Carter as Liz … because the world NEEDS a proper biopic tribute to the legendary Ms. Taylor.

Helena Bonham Carter is taking the unusual step of following in Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps. She’s signed on to play Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming BBC Four movie Burton and Taylor, with Dominic West playing Richard Burton. The movie centers on the pair’s 1983 revival of Noel Coward’s Private Lives, which ran just 63 performances. At the time, Burton and Taylor were not together, but they were playing a divorced couple who eventually reconcile — so, you know, layers. HBC might not have been our first guess for the next actress to play Elizabeth Taylor, but boy oh boy are we ever looking forward to this glorious treat machine.

Amen, thank ye gods for this! Casting Helena Bonham Carter says to the world that the BBC is interested in paying true homage to Elizabeth Taylor … not in making a sad grab for ratings by casting a trainwreck actress years past her prime. I mean, just comparing the movie titles alone — Liz & Dick vs. Burton and Taylor — shows that the BBC is going for class, not trash. This is great news. The sooner we can all forget about Liz & Dick the better. I’ve always maintained that Liz Taylor deserves better than being portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. Gawd, we can AT LAST look forward to a fitting tribute movie about the late Liz Taylor.


  • LiQue

    Oh damn it i was so prepared to see HBC’s take on the I´m bored scene!!! oh well but here it is again anyway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL4BAWDR0eA

    • Shannon

      Love me some HBC! LMAO @ ‘Liz & Dick: The Upgrade’! I can get into this.

  • JCZ

    Helena – in a role that isn’t A) Crazy weird B) Directed by Tim Burton. Thank jeeves. It’s like The King’s Speech all over.