Britney Spears Teases The ‘Scream & Shout (Remix)’ Music Video

Bring The Action!

A few weeks ago we got our first listen of the explicitly remixed version of Scream & Shout by, which features none other than our dear Britney Spears. At the time we learned that a music video was being shot for the track. Today we get a sneak peek at what Britney will look like in the video in a new photo she posted on her official Instagram profile. Brit Brit is lookin’ hot hot … take a look below.

This Friday on @106andpark – #ScreamAndShoutRemixVideo!! Here’s a tiny taste. Bring the action!

I am LIVING for this high pony tail! The track jacket was designed by Jeremy Scott for Adidas, so you know it’s a sick look. While I, personally, do not love the remixed version of Scream & Shout as much as I love the original version, I am VERY EXCITED to see the music video for the track. It remains to be seen how much Britney we’re gonna get in the clip but I’ll take what I can get. Doesn’t she look faboo?


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  1. Alys

    Thank you for whomever caught Britney with a glint in her eyes and hair pulled back into such a sexy I Dream of Jeanie style! This is the Brit I wish we’d see styled more.

  2. She certainly DOES look fabu! Smart, savvy, grounded. I am loving Adidas these days. I could go broke on the NEO line. Such cool-looking comfort!

  3. Jen

    ‘HOODNEY! love it :)

    • Devonte

      OMG! I’d DIE for a HOODney album…it’ll be AMAZING!

    • JCZ

      Excuse me while I go listen to In The Zone to check out some Hoodney. Hello! I Got That (Boom, Boom), Showdown, Outrageous, The Hook Up. Brit’s first 3 albums (and Circus) might have fillers, but every other album is underrated in the fact you can’t skip a song!

      I love this promo pic. Reminding me a lot of the unfinished Outrageous… just some filthy crunk dancing thank you!

  4. Too bad they didn’t realize all they needed to make the remix better than the original was to ADD MORE BRITNEY! I love this song, but every time I hear it, I think how much better it would be with more Britishney.

  5. Devonte

    I just can NOT wait for the image of little ol Blonde and sparkly Britney surrounded by these rappers…it’s gonna be SO AMAZEBALLS!

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